I’m a westerner from Colorado, currently sojourning in this new (to me) land of the South and even newer (to me) teeny town of Florence, SC. While I am first and foremost a musician, I often relate the writing aspect of my artistic life as follows: While in music school, students are required to announce a primary instrument and a secondary instrument. In this case, my primary instrument is the classical guitar and my secondary instrument is the pen.

Growing up in an artistic environment with practical sensibilities helped shape an appreciation and curiosity about all the variety of people, places and things in this life.  Instilling in me that our spiritual and physical lives are more interconnected than not.  Creativity permeates every discipline and slice of life; it is not just confined to the arts.

I love goofy goats, horse therapy and turtle rescue. I love what has been and what might possibly will be, but confess that I am struggling to embrace the ‘now’ of my life.

I am a woman of faith, a life partner with my hubby for over 35 years, a mom of three grown children with high hopes of continuing the Family legacy of tables filled with food, drink and passionate discourse.

Always on the look-out for the perfect dark-roast brew and places filled with funky vibes and laughter, I wish you peace.