Belated Blogiversary: the fourth


South Carolina Tulip Tree Leaves

South Carolina Tulip Tree Leaves

Sometime around the end of August, beginning of September, my 4th blogiversary made an uneventful appearance.

It came and went.

Meh, life goes on.

(Evidenced by these few fall photos)

Colorado Aspens Rainbow Lakes

Colorado Aspens, Rainbow Lakes


I’m noticing many blogger-buddies are entering into their own 4th and 5th years of regular posting; with plenty of re-decorating, re-purposing and de-cluttering of earlier website/blog incarnations. I say: Good for you, guys!

Me? I still can’t figure out how to update my 3.6 WP to 4.8.2 WP without losing precious data that’s supposed to be ‘forever’ on this ole internet superhighway. Case in point: just using that terminology shows how long I’ve been on-line. You know, back when it was only universities and ‘professionals’ that truly surfed the net along with doing all that research, networking and exchange of ideas/ideals. (remember the LuteList, anyone?)

But – this site still works fine albeit on borrowed time and I’m good with that. Besides, I’m hoping to set up a 100% music website on a non-WP platform; not to worry, this website/blog will still be up and running as long as it doesn’t blip out due to its un-updated status.

Lately, however, that caveat is running a bit thin. Forcing me to consider which way I want my time and energy to be expended on an internet ‘presence’. Not a bad thing really, just annoying.

For the record, this fourth blogiversary post is coincidentally my 200th post. I’m honored to have made many blogger-buddy friends and have enjoyed the subset community of internet connections made during my 4 years here. While blogging has never been the #1 priority of this website/blog, to abandon it completely would be counterintuitive.

So I’m not.

I could write/blog about a lot of things that are equally important for me to expound upon, but should I?

Just as closets and bookshelves need to be cleaned/cleared out to make way for the new – so I’m experiencing a form of ‘writers block’ but one which I think signals a change in focus. Perhaps in accepting this nudge, I’ll be opening up a regular slice of time to finally finish those edits on the accompanying Goat Suite Saga vignettes – making them available to distribute in sync with the release of my Goat Suite.

And then, as a treat, I’ll indulge in developing one of the many great ideas we writers have simmering at the back of our minds and send it off into the blogosphere with the push of the PUBLISH button on my dashboard.

Until then: I bid belated thanks to all of you for joining me in this four year blogiversary journey!minions heart

16 thoughts on “Belated Blogiversary: the fourth

  1. Anna Scott Graham

    Well, it seems I totally missed this post, but we’ve chatted about these notions, so I don’t feel too out of the loop, ha! Although I do want to wish you a very happy (and quite belated) blogoversary!


    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      Aha, another one leery of that(enter spooky music) update button (that will only work if the updates are very current- then it gets even more complicated…sigh)…who knows what havoc will lurk on the resultant updated blog?????!!
      Thanks for the congrats, Andrea.

  2. Sue

    Congratulations on your blog’s longevity and the energy and commitment you spend to continue!

    I’m grateful we’ve connected here. Everything I’ve read that you’ve written and posted always breathes honesty and peace into my day. I’m sure whatever you choose to write — either words or musical notes — will enrich everyone who reads it. Here’s to a fruitful future!

  3. Jill

    Happy 4th blogiversary, Laura! I celebrated my 5th year in September…it’s still hard to believe. Like you, I know nothing about Word Press, other than how to post, so no updates on mine either. I’m happy to hear you’ll continue to blog. Cheers!

  4. Andy

    It has been good to travel with you. I’m not sure how long I’ve been along for the ride-two years, maybe? Either way I always enjoy your posts, be they about your musical creations or your observations. I’m glad you are continuing, and look forward to your new music site.

  5. L. Marie

    Happy blogoversary, Laura! I’m grateful to have met you through our mutual occupation of blogging. And congrats on this your 200th post! Awesome! Here’s to many more!

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      I think maybe Kitty arranged the initial meeting…she’s a sly one! ;-)
      Linda, it’s been fun seeing how many of our childhood experiences overlap even though we’ve never met and are a few years (ahem…) apart in age. Some day we’re gonna have a gab fest over the sounds of a noisy club in ChiTown…I just know it!

  6. Janis

    Happy blogoversary! I know all about the whole change of focus thing. I’m experiencing a questioning stage myself. I know that whatever you choose, it will be the best path for you, and that’s what matters. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to offer when you hit the PUBLISH button.


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