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Teaser Quote: Goat Suite Saga #5a

from- Goats in the Garden at Midnight by the Light of the Full Moon (part one)
(Goat Suite Saga #5a)

“In terms of a musical composition, titling a piece, ‘Goats in the Garden’ conjures up quite the visual. Picture this: snapshot images of goats dancing wildly about while snacking on the available produce, all to the sounds of the rhythmic and melodic motifs whirling about in my brain.   Adding to that, ‘Midnight by the Light of the Full Moon’ sounds romantic and earthy and mysterious. The two titles could quite possibly comprise two movements within the totality of the piece; a short Goat Suite composition. Technically, a suite consists of a minimum of three movements.  And even that works within the complete title: #1-Goats in the Garden, #2-At Midnight, #3-By the Light of the Full Moon.  Cool.”


  1. Anna Scott Graham

    Ooohhh… Can’t wait!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Lucky for you, I’m not one to string anyone along for too long!HA! Fridays seem to have become my GSS post reveals so just a few more days and that tease will be relieved 🙂

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