“The Road Ends but the Journey Continues”

No matter our physical locality or where we are in life, it’s important to know that we carry home in our heart. In addition, ‘my heart, Christ’s home’ brings on new meaning during times of displacement. Currently sojourning in the Deep South, my husband and I have completed an unintentional three years of life-on-the-road-between-homes and landed here for a bit.  Usually blogs are written during times of change in one’s life.  This one instead reflects on our own paradigm shift experiences, the impact it continues to make in our current life with the hope of weaving it all together creating a work of (he)art. This website represents an integrated internet presence of my creative lives assembled in one place; an interactive journey of my music, writing and social commentary.

The road between homes has ended for now, but the creative journey has not.

Photo: ‘The morning hay’ by Neil Kearney