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The Prophet and the Gift

from-Swimming with Swans: vignettes of our three year journey between homes
6/2009 ~ 6/2012

April 2010

John Breaux Bronze Louisville, CO

Thank you, John

Many of us remember John Breaux, a unique individual who was beloved within the mainstream community as he traveled daily all over the Louisville/Lafayette area in CO on his bicycle.  Spending his days filling the plastic grocery bags dangling from his handlebars with garbage he’d pick up along the way.  It was his job, it was his mission, it was his life and he excelled in doing it.  Always smiling and quick to wave at those he knew and those who initiated a wave towards him.

During our stay in Las Cruces, NM these past few months, I met another unique individual while frequenting a local coffee shop hangout in nearby Mesilla, called The Bean.  Offering great ambiance, coffee and local color, this is a welcoming place to connect to the free WI-FI and be as anonymous or engaged with others as one desires. Continue reading

I am being a rebel

Today, Friday the 8th, starting at 2:45 pm EST, I am being a rebel.  In NaNoWriMo lingo this means, among other things, writing a non-fiction WIP for submission in the month long challenge.

In order to get out a blog post, I realized I’d need to write a proper blog posting during my nano time.  I got it into my head that in order to keep pace with my writing, I’d then include it in my daily word count for submission in the month long challenge.  In the NaNo world, fiction and non-fiction do not mix.  Hence, the rebel aspect to my nanoing this year.

What was I thinking?  Am I caffeine deprived or just immune to its effects on this 8th day of writing frantically?  Overwhelmed by guilt, I retract my rebel word count plans.

This is my second year of nanoing, but my first year of blogging.  I seem to have life’s routine down for the month of NaNo, but not so the rules of blogging.

In the blogger world, it is stressed that the single most important thing for maintaining a ‘following’ apart from delivering quality content, is to stay on a fairly consistent blogging schedule.

So, here I am being a rebel.  Well, semi-rebel because I only thought it, but didn’t do it.  And I’m finding I’m pretty rotten at it.  I’m not convinced this is a quality blog posting, but feel the pressure to post something today as it’s been two weeks since my last posting.

I’ve got to think that God gets a kick out us humans trying to deal with all of the small stuff…and this really is only small stuff. Continue reading