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Quote – On Sorrow, by myself

Been a bit under the weather lately.

As I ‘get better’, I find myself perusing all sorts of Youtube tutorials on my fav sidekick instrument – the UKE. And am having fun exploring musical paths yet uncharted.

I’ve been immersed in musical possibilities and realized that that door had been closed and re-opened without my even realizing it had been closed.

Which brings me back to when Ma passed away.

Ma was an artist…

One day, about 18 months after her death, I woke up and could see color again. I hadn’t even realized it was gone until I got it back again…

Same with the music after Dad’s passing.

Oh yes, I worked diligently on getting already composed pieces recorded, but nothing new was ventured. I hadn’t even realized the music had been silenced until it was reawakened.

It seems I’ve emerged onto the other side.

Praise be to the Lord.


On Sorrow
laura bruno lilly 7/2016

A place where there is

no color in the wind
music in the sky

on a winter’s eve – Poem

on a winter’s eve

~ laura bruno lilly 2018 ~

Dimmed screen in a darkened room

Outside bright of snow

in the midst of unlikely places

Silenced city-cycles still the moment

Outside bright of snow

on a winter’s eve