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Quote: Triage by Lisel Mueller

Triage by Lisel Mueller
from: Alive Together (new and selected poems)

“Bertolt Brecht lamented that he lived in an age when it was almost a crime to talk about trees, because that meant being silent about so much evil.  Walking past a stand of tall, still healthy elms along Chicago’s lakefront, I think of what Brecht said.  I want to celebrate these elms which have been spared by the plague, these survivors of a once flourishing tribe commemorated by all the Elm Streets in America.  Under the Elm treesBut to celebrate them is to be silent about the people who sit and sleep underneath them, the homeless poor who are hauled away by the city like trash, except it has no place to dump them.  To speak of one thing is to suppress another.  When I talk about myself, I cannot talk about you.  You know this as you listen to me, disappointment settling in your face.”


More Cowbell Cult

“I got a fever, and the only prescription is: More Cowbell!”* 

Driving around town the other day, I noticed a rare out-of-state car with an even rarer bumper sticker espousing something other than local church affiliations.  Simply stated it said: MORE COWBELL.

For the uninitiated, that bumper sticker and the title of this post mean nothing more than the sum of its words.  For the rest of us in-the-know, it is a clever twofold twist on the April 8, 2000 SNL skit: ‘More Cowbell’ with Will Ferrell, featuring the music of The Blue Oyster Cult.

Not to appear standoffish, it should be noted that my own status changed from uninitiated to one-in-the-know a mere three years ago, when my hubby found a video clip on-line and set it up for me to see on my mini-computer one evening after a particularly hard day working retail. Continue reading

CD Commentary – Tom Carleno: Perfect Imperfection

Tom Carleno Perfect Imperfection cd coverTrack list:
1-In Search Of
2-Meet Me in Maui
3-On The Border (Al Stewart)
4-Welcome to the Milky Way
5-Working Up An Appetite (Tim Finn)
6-Timberline Tree
7-Child’s Play
8-Rhapsody in Blood
9-Imagine (John Lennon)
10-Brief Encounter
11-What a Difference a Day Makes

Tom’s a guitar bud from the days when back-to-back students, gigs, concerts, workshops and rehearsals left little time for socializing. It’s been over five years since we each rented studio space in the same building with other working musicians and the ‘Chocolate Lady’ in downtown Louisville, CO. Swapping stories and notes between late or ‘no show’ students, we forged a professional and personal camaraderie during our respective day-to-day teaching gigs.

While Tom has been performing, writing, recording and evolving with his group Perpetual Motion for years, Perfect Imperfection is his first solo recording.  Several years in the making, the name is taken from his wife and band partner Josie’s view of life: Nothing is perfect, that is what makes life so perfect.  Evidently, this wifely philosophy was the kick in the pants Tom needed to actually record a solo album. Continue reading

A Writer’s Process: Kevin Powers Interview as Guidance & Inspiration

 ‘Every time I open a book or sit down at my desk, I’m hoping for confirmation that it is possible to understand and be understood by my fellow human beings.’  Kevin Powers

I have mentioned before that one of the guiding forces behind my starting this website/blog has been to showcase the vignettes written during our three-year journey between homes.  I have been in the process of ordering these vignettes into a completed manuscript for quite some time and continue to come up short.  And frustrated. Continue reading

Saga of Mama Goat and Her Kids: FINALE

 from-Swimming with Swans: vignettes of our three year journey between homes
(Goat Suite Saga #7)

September 2011 (Fountain Hills, AZ)

On Sunday, September 25, 2011, Mama Goat passed away.

Being a rescue, there is no way of really knowing how old she was, except to say she appeared to be on the older side by way of subtle physical cues; not that it affected her personality or zest for life. The good news is that she didn’t suffer a violent death by the teeth of some coyote roaming the range.  In fact, Billy tells a common enough story of her final day. Continue reading