Giving Voice: Wealth Inequality in America

I found this article/youtube last year during my researching of my Giving Voice Series. It was a bit info heavy, so I waited to post it.  It objectively details what ‘everyday Americans’ have been experiencing for years, but are unable to articulate.  The video is worth the 6 minute view.

Quote symbolPoverty is a major cause of homelessness, that in itself is not a major revelation. What has been surprising to me is the people who I have met in the homeless community who could be any number of people I know today. A cruel twist of fate could happen to most anyone; I have met people who have been overwhelmed by medical bills or who have lost their job and have ended up on the street. There are some people who have chosen this lifestyle and they are in the minority. This 6 minute video explained to me a trend that is growing and should be a cause for concern for all of us. The growing inequality and wealth divide is a problem that is undermining our society and community, and forcing an increasing number of families below the poverty line. By increasing awareness of this, I believe we can and must change this trend. Andy Robbins Photography


12 thoughts on “Giving Voice: Wealth Inequality in America

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      Me, too, even if it’s being used as a tactic to win rather than a desire to do something about it – at least it’s getting the message out there.

      So glad you stopped by, I know how difficult it is for you to get any ‘me’ time right now.
      Take care

  1. Lulu

    Very upsetting. There are so many frustrating emotions that flood me when I watch this – guilt and shame for my complicity, helplessness and hopelessness, a feeling of inadequacy and paralysis at the massive scope of the problem. Most frustrating, perhaps, is the lack of frustration I see in the people around me. One of my coworkers was just on a soapbox yesterday about the solution to poverty being easy – people just need to work hard. How can I even begin to set him straight when his perspective seems so crooked to me? I’m going to send him this video. Thank you.

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      As we felt the squeeze earlier in the ‘recession’ all I could think was (and still do) the phrase: There is no democracy without a strong middle class.

      Our country is certainly weaker as a result of this continuing inequality of wealth…There are workable solutions/answers, just not simple, sound-bite ones…

  2. L. Marie

    Wow. I watched the video and was stunned. Sadly, technology continues to be the great divider also. As technology continually changes (with computer and phone upgrades almost necessary after a couple of years) and becomes more expensive, those without the means to afford them get left behind.

    You can see the shifts as companies buy up other companies. There are three huge publishers that own many of the publishing companies in America and in other countries. As companies get swallowed up by megacompanies, sometimes worker bees lose their jobs in favor or automated processes.


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