Peace Post: Found while rummaging through Dad’s piles

Postcard sent to Ma & Dad, Lakewood, CO May 2005:

Colorado post card to ma and dad

I often send greetings via snail mail to loved ones

Message on back:

“Remember that all music, in general, is a succession of rainbows.” Pablo Casals

Ma & Dad: I hope your day is filled with color and harmony. Love, Laura

10 thoughts on “Peace Post: Found while rummaging through Dad’s piles

  1. Janis

    My father loved getting postcards from me when I was traveling (snail mail is right – they often got to him after I was already home), and I miss that ritual so much now that he is gone. I love the sentiment that you wrote to your parents.

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      IMHO sending postcards is all part of the adventure of traveling and/or communicating. The photos are usually better than those taken with ordinary equipment – if nothing else but the exceptional spots in which they were taken -. Also, whisking a handwritten note off to someone to discover in the snail mail is a delightful surprise to that person and marking one’s self in that moment in time is somehow more significant than a ‘selfie’.

      The sentiment is so my family – Ma was an artist (a fine artist who made a career of her art in advertising back when women didn’t have ‘careers’) and of course, Dad, the pro-Jazzman. Hence the references to ‘color and harmony’.


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