Teaser Quotes from my forthcoming Peace Post

I look forward to sharing the entire article (entitled – Peace Post: Max Richter, Herbie Hancock and Today’s World) with you in the next few days.

“I think the reason I write music is because I’m trying to say things that I find difficult to encapsulate verbally. Music is its own kind of language and it’s very good at saying things that words struggle with, so that’s often the impulse for me.”
Max Richter, composer

“Most of us have ancestors who were not from these shores. So we have these issues that are happening now about immigration and closing the borders and locking things down. I understand the motivation – the fear from 9/11 and terrorists. If you couple that with the insecurity that has come about because of the economic downturn, it’s drawing people into a state of chaos.”
Herbie Hancock, musician

8 thoughts on “Teaser Quotes from my forthcoming Peace Post

  1. Jane Chesebrough

    Fear is horrible, it steals your confidence. We need musical, visual artists more than ever during these times.

  2. L. Marie

    Great quotes! Looking forward to your post. (Totally agree about the chaos that ensues when fear and insecurity meet.)


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