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My Target Treats are out of Quarantine

The official closing down of ‘non-essential’ services and stores is in a confused, motley disarray here in South Carolina. There is no real rhyme or reason as to what is considered essential or non-essential – case in point, until last week hair salons were still open and truth be told, hubby has seen several still open while doing drives to check on parking lot volume of customers in area grocery stores. Kind of a no-brainer that maintaining social distancing and performing haircuts with gloves and mask for both hairstylist and customer isn’t an easy way to stay open and provide services, much less provide a safe environment. But hey, what do I know?
And let’s not even get into the phrasing of our governor’s official COVID-19 orders* submitted just last week: “Stay at Home. Stay at Work.” When asked by a reporter what that meant exactly, he replied that if you’re at home, stay there and if you’re at work, stay there…say what? Oh and in continuing to clarify, he added that whatever was open before is open now and whatever was closed before is closed now.
That, dear readers, is Governor McMaster’s version of a ‘shelter-in-place’ order while not exactly being a ‘shelter-in-place’ order. Welcome to South Carolina…
Anyway, back in March, certain retail & grocery stores began announcing special COVID-19 shopping hours for Seniors and people with special health needs. We’ve incorporated our immediate buying around those times as much as possible with extra trips to the grocery store as needed during low volume times.
In addition, I now make a point of visiting our local Target Store during their special Senior Hours: Wednesday from 8AM-9AM each week because

  1. The specially designated hours are user-friendly
  2. The brick & mortar store offers up a sense of leisurely ‘window’ shopping for ‘non-essential’ items while in a relatively protected environment

In other words, I go there for a fun outing during this period of self-isolating while showing off my stylish homemade face mask at one and the same time. 🙂
This week, I scored a pair of Sketchers that were sorely needed. I tend to use up my running/athletic shoes until they no longer can stand up to my demanding version of wear and tear, and my current pair were way beyond ‘making do’.
As I passed by the shoe section, I noticed boxes of women’s athletic shoes scattered along a sparsely filled shelf. With nary a try-on bench in sight (they have been removed in an effort to minimize virus transmission), I plopped down on the floor. Surrounded by shoes of varying sizes and styles I promptly focused on the matter at hand.
Happy with my score, I then ventured over to the book/media section and browsed. Amazon states on their website an inability to guarantee a timely, if ever, delivery of a non-essential item such as a book to read during isolation, so I decided to find something of interest. Oh, I know, there are lots of offerings via the library’s on-line books, but my eyes are getting way overloaded with screen viewing these days and besides, I really do relish the feel of a book in my hands while hunkering down in isolation.
Lucky me, I scored another find – a book I’ve been wanting to read, but never got around to until now (you guys all know the drill on that!) – Becoming by Michelle Obama. At 30% off cover price, I also got a small discount for the immediate gratification of bringing my copy home same day of purchase!
When I returned home from my magnificent morning outing, I placed both purchases in the quarantine corner of the kitchen floor to await release in a few days.
Today both items were released from quarantine. I laced up those new Sketchers for my daily walk this morning and Ms Obama’s book is ready to be opened this evening for my before-bedtime reading.
Yes, it’s the small things in life during coronavirus that help us to make it through each day.
* A 12 page document that lists the details of the actual order starting on page 6


  1. Mary

    And I see in the news that your governor has joined the “recovery of the economy is more important than saving lives” crowd and plans to reopen everything. I keep thinking this is the type of thinking natural selection takes care of, but my husband says “not fast enough.” Stay safe.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Your hubby just might have a point – however the fallout would still result in tremendous collateral damage…sigh.
      Caution – what follows could be construed by some as being an unfair rant, proceed at own risk:
      ‘Recovery of the economy’ is not even accurate in our state as it really never was halted…this governor has undermined all front line workers and his constituents by his laissez-faire attitude and put them/us on the bottom of the ‘important’ list from day one.
      It’s worth noting that the streets here have never been ‘eerily empty’ even during the less than 2 weeks of the impotent state orders of ‘Stay at Home. Stay at Work.’ From day one, (way back in early March) hubby and I have been acting (not reacting) on high alert regardless of the masses surrounding us who live life as if nothing is different…
      Thanks for understanding the complexities (and perplexities to a non-southerner) of Southern living…which really is influencing the thinking of most of the US without regard to regionality.

  2. Marty

    Dear G-d, I finally found a state that at least matches Florida’s convoluted, “we’ll say anything if it sounds remotely safe” set of policies right now. “Stay Home, Stay at Work” seriously??!!!! OMG. Here, they announced rules for beach visits, now that they’ve opened those back up again. Among them are that you are not allowed to sit ( should only walk, run, jog, etc.). I haven’t figured that one out yet.
    I totally get your Target visit, Laura. We went to the grocery store yesterday for the first time in a week, and it felt like FREEDOM! I wandered at the chip and pretzel aisle for at least ten minutes; didn’t buy anything, mind you, but it was exciting to look at all the products. Yes, I find that terribly disturbing also.
    Continue to be safe!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh I think our two governors pass notes to each other while sitting at the feet of you-know-who during those long-winded, devoid-of-fact press conferences that are incorrectly named ‘updates’ on COVID. We’re right behind you with our beaches re-opening tomorrow (Monday), along with all retail stores…At least that’s what the ‘pre-announcement’ on the official announcement has stated…
      Oh and about finding things terribly disturbing, I thought of this song…Check it out for a COVID craziness break!

  3. Ally Bean

    Well now I wonder if our Target has special shopping hours? It sounds like you scored big when you went shopping there, like a wild child on the loose. I like your quarantine corner concept. We’re not buying much other than food, but if we do we will follow your lead. Happy walking and reading.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Glad to add some possible variety to your COVID shopping routine, Ally! I hope they keep these special hours around here now that the governor is re-opening all beaches and retail stores back up and running starting tomorrow…
      – sigh –

  4. Janis

    Haha, “quarantine corner” (or, should it be “qurner”?). We do the same thing… but maybe for a longer period of time. We also quarantine our mail… do you?
    I am longing for a real book. I have a few lined up on my Kindle and have borrowed some from our eLibrary, but I agree that it isn’t the same. I LOVED Becoming. I don’t read a lot of memoirs but I heard such good things about it. The only downside was that it made me sad that those two weren’t still in the white house.
    Your governor sounds like a piece of work.

    • laura bruno lilly

      As per the mail, we take the junk immediately to the garbage can, then depending upon the importance of the mail remaining I’ll either swipe the outer envelopes with a disinfectant wipe or just set them in the quarantine corner before opening. Additionally, if it’s an exciting note from someone special that we can’t wait to open or an actual package…yep, we err on the side of caution and put them into quarantine!!!! Might sound obsessive, but well what can I say we live in SC and if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one around here is gonna cry in their hominy grits over us!
      Speaking of which starting Monday (tomorrow) the SC beaches are officially re-opening along with all retail stores…’piece of work’ is such a kinder, gentler way of saying it, Janis. 😉

  5. tierneycreates

    I am feeling the same way about online reading. My library provides endless online magazines you can read but I broke down and bought some magazines at Target too. Glad you were able to get some new sneakers. South Carolina does sound a wee bit confusing on the directives, ha! I enjoyed reading your adventures!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yep, just one more hugely glaring difference between my (and hubby’s) Western sensibilities and the staid culture of the Deep South.
      But I won’t go there…
      Glad you found some hands-on reading material – I especially enjoy the photo layouts in mags.
      BTW: I’m enjoying the Jane Dunnewold vids you recommended on your blog lately.

  6. Marie A Bailey

    Good for you that you got some essentials (yes, shoes and books are essentials) while still being mindful. Your governor sounds a lot like my governor. I just read this morning that #FloridaMorons is trending because Gov DeSantis asked for some beaches to be opened and as soon as they were … well, you can imagine. Supposedly beachgoers aren’t allowed to sit in place and sunbathe, they have to keep moving … from what I’ve seen, virtually no face masks or social distancing. Well, I guess Nature will deal with that.

    • laura bruno lilly

      I find comfort in knowing you understand because of your own governor’s stance on things…it’s hard to wrap one’s head around such ignorance and the fact that it affects the well-being of so many…and that it doesn’t seem to make an iota of difference…
      But we’re on the same wavelength and that helps a bit!
      Stay safe!

  7. Laura

    If I had to stay at work, I’d cry for sure! Home is a sanctuary from the craziness of the place! I am still working six days a week. Going home and reading a novel, or sewing, or choosing anything I might want to do is pure luxury! Your governor sounds like he has lost touch with reality! I don’t think that he is the only political figure in that condition!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Problem is, those political figures have power over those with true credentials in dealing with our current situation…
      But all that is beyond my ‘power’ to change anything other than to exercise my voting power…no wait, even that is getting to be more elusive…
      Laura, just try to tuck it all away and enjoy the peace and comfort that comes from the sanctity of your home when you’re able to land there between those awful 6 day workweeks.
      peace to you

  8. Mariss Stevens

    There’s a similar confusion about what is and isn’t essential here. Maybe it’s something to do with living in the south (ha ha). I continue to thank my lucky stars that I am no longer a smoker because cigarettes have been deemed non-essential here (?), as has alcohol. Result? Black market trading and breaking into and looting of bottle stores. Oops. Did not mean to go on a tirade!
    We are lucky in that foodstuffs and toilet paper (!!) are still readily available. My trip to the local fruit and vegetable shop yesterday felt like a social whirl.
    Enjoy your walking (not allowed here) and reading.

    • laura bruno lilly

      …my daily walks will no longer be taken for granted, knowing your set of COVID-19 restrictions…

      • Mariss Stevens

        Thanks for the solidarity. 11 days to go until lockdown ends.

        • laura bruno lilly

          11 more days of you sequestered and working in your quilt studio will no doubt result in mega-mountains of quality stitchery – Kantha and myriad of other techniques you are so well-versed in…go for it!

  9. Anne

    Good shopping indeed!
    Hairdressers are an odd exception. They are open here too, and like you, I cannot imagine the social distancing needed. My hairdresser rang me the other day about my appointment, and I had to tell her that I wasn’t going to be coming for a while yet. However, when it is safe I will be there, as my hair will need some of her magic!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Our daughter will be defending her PhD thesis over ZOOM on the 27th of this month. She still needs to ‘dress up’ for the presentation and her hair is growing out really weird. She has a bad hair day every day these days. And she figures everyone is in the same boat so – meh!
      Great attitude IMHO even if she’s young and doesn’t have to deal with looking haggard with scraggly hair! 😀
      But I agree at some point when it is safe, we’ll all be there in our hairdresser’s salon – if they can just weather the storm and stay in business until then.

  10. Andy

    It’s good that you’ve been given such clear and precise instructions

    • laura bruno lilly

      I’m hoping that’s your famous British dry wit speaking…

  11. Jane Chesebrough

    Do you have to wait for items after you bring them home? i.e. your quarantine corner? I didn’t quite get that.This would be a good time to read the book by Michelle Obama. I just finished the one from my book club, “Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro. I was thinking I needed a pair of runners but will put it off a little longer. I do find it interesting to hear what people are doing with their time. Some of the isolation I am enjoying.

    • laura bruno lilly

      As per the ‘quarantine corner’. It’s an extra precaution to take to insure items purchased at the store or left in front of your door for delivery that can’t be easily/safely swabbed down with a bleach solution are ‘safe’ to open/touch/use as the virus lingers on cardboard, solid surfaces etc. In this case, I didn’t want to swipe down the book with a ‘wet one’ wipe and so left it to decontaminate in the ‘quarantine corner’ for 24-48 hrs.
      Sounds obsessive, but it works for me!

  12. Roseanne

    Hi Laura! You made me laugh until I had tears running down my face with that very clear official order. It sounds like he should or maybe plans to run for President. He’d fit right in. Texas is opening the state, Wisconsin and Illinois shutdown schools for the remaining balance of the current school year. Our confirmed cases continues to rise each day – that doesn’t sound like a slowdown to me. I’m thrilled you scored some Sketchers . . . and I really enjoyed Becoming. Makes me long for the days of the last administration . . . but we are where we are. {{Hugs}} and take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • laura bruno lilly

      He’d fit right in alrighty…and unfortunately, that’s the motive for many of those in ‘power’.
      FYI: After Parkland, this same governor called student reactions/actions as being ‘shameful’, see my post, ‘Governor McMaster: You should be ashamed’ here
      Just keep on, keepin’ on, Roseanne.

  13. Catherine de Seton

    Well it’s totally different in New Zealand – it’s complete lockdown except for essential services both bricks and mortar AND online. You have to apply to supply and you have to tick many boxes.
    Public transport is mostly running on Saturday services, and in Akld it’s interesting – the driver is taped off and you enter/exit by back door with only your hop card but all travel is free…and of course really only for essential reasons i.e. going to the retailer who sells essential services or for medical reasons.
    Having your hair cut isn’t essential, even the ones at large Malls are closed. You can’t get a pair of shoes but now you can get essential winter clothing and things like heaters/blankets but only via contactless online places. Cafe, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways including Maccas closed.
    You can take daily a walk for fresh air but it can only be for about an hour – there/back – must stay in your local area. You can take your car if necessary but still only in local area. All sports are cancelled, no boating or fishing or surfing.
    Anything that could pose a danger and your need to be rescued…
    We are all in level 4 but in some cases like me I’m also linked to level 2. It’s on the cards that next week they will announce if we will start back down…but I’ll still be locked in because I’m in Level 2. I’ve had to make a lot of changes…at first I was overwhelmed but slowly my changes have changed my feelings…even though I still have “cravings” for things not essential or easy for me to obtain!
    I’m sure I’ve left out much…I find your governors ideals crazy “stay at home, stay at work” !!!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Hubby and I are very attuned to the reality of the situation and are constantly sifting through falsehoods spoken with such authority…but then, most of us citizens here in the US are having to do that on so many other levels as well.
      Sounds like you’re in a much safer place – and a place that values human lives more than the almighty dollar.

  14. L. Marie

    Great finds, Laura! My sister-in-law gave me Michelle’s book. And I love Skechers. I wore a pair of black ones today. Yay for these treats being released from quarantine!! Stay safe!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, it’s the little things, eh? Well, shoes that aren’t falling apart aren’t ‘little’ things, but you know that!

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