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Re-read the Riddle of the Wind Turbines post, ponder it once again, then scroll down as directed to read the answer-comment and our replies to that comment.
Congrats to Chris for being the first and only commenter to get the answer to this riddle.
Hope you guys had fun with this challenge. Now excuse me while I go watch the second game of the World Series…go Cubs!

Today is 22/23/24.

Isn’t it a great Mathematical day?

What an exciting time to be alive.

(I’m always looking for cool date/number relationships; this is the absolute best. In fiddling with today’s date during an unproductive morning journaling, this phenom revealed itself to me. Hubby thought my discovery was so cool, he e-mailed a bunch of people. His enthusiasm inspired me to share the announcement with you, my blog readers)

“After work on Friday, I gave some food to the homeless people who hang out by Civic Center Station.  With one sandwich and a croissant, I felt bad when I realized I didn’t have enough to feed everyone.  But a kind, older man told me that seeing me happy was enough to brighten his day.
As I ran down the stairs, he called after me.  I stopped midway and braced myself for the insult I was sure he’d spit out.  He’d changed his mind; I was inconsiderate, lazy, privileged – or worse, he’d call me something derogatory, sexual.
But instead he said, ‘Young lady, don’t let nobody take your joy.’
Meredith Jaeger, a San Francisco writer in love with women’s fiction, 9/1/13

Note: tonight’s update has been great fun for me to research. While tracking down more songs with cowbell (added to the list below), I veered off into the realm of cowbell as an instrument.  As an added twist I am including two short videos on various ways percussionists play the cowbell.

Here’s the IN PROGRESS list so far.  I listen to each entry to verify cowbell sounds.  Often other percussive elements are mistaken for cowbell to the untrained ear! Continue reading

Joan, Bobby & Leslie all work at NOAA

At home: The family that geeks together, stays together

Three members of the Hart Family work at NOAA.  Joan and Bobby are currently on ‘lock-out’ while Leslie is on ‘furlough.’

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