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Home Sweet Homeless People Wisdom

“After work on Friday, I gave some food to the homeless people who hang out by Civic Center Station.  With one sandwich and a croissant, I felt bad when I realized I didn’t have enough to feed everyone.  But a kind, older man told me that seeing me happy was enough to brighten his day.
As I ran down the stairs, he called after me.  I stopped midway and braced myself for the insult I was sure he’d spit out.  He’d changed his mind; I was inconsiderate, lazy, privileged – or worse, he’d call me something derogatory, sexual.
But instead he said, ‘Young lady, don’t let nobody take your joy.’
Meredith Jaeger, a San Francisco writer in love with women’s fiction, 9/1/13


  1. Donna

    That was amazing he said that. Too often it results in more what you thought would occur. Many of the homeless are not wanting the help though. I was mugged last winter by a homeless man and have since not offered any assistance to any of them. I was pushed to the ground and my bags stolen – and myself now distrustful.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh my dear sweet Donna…such a gentle nature-spirit you are. Such an attack is cruel and never acceptable.
      Your experience underscores the fact that in all types of communities, there are good guys, bad guys; givers, takers; saints, creeps….
      Perhaps this man’s ‘quote’ helps to reveal there are ‘good-giver-saints(?)’ within the homeless community.
      Wishing you continued healing through-out this New Year.

  2. Anna Scott Graham


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