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WIP: Coffee Beans Means Love to Me

Note: the title of this post refers to the name of my current quilt WIP

As mentioned in a prior post, I’m a quilter from way back when.  For the most part, I prefer to work with what is at hand, supplementing materials as needed during each individual project.  As a result, my projects display differing degrees of scrappiness appropriate to their ultimate use.  Whether utilitarian or artistic, literal quilt blankets or wall hangings, craft or fiber art projects, the underlying theme is always one of creating pieces from what I have on hand.  Very much in keeping with the fundamental value of making do with what one has, then augmenting as the need arises.

While living on the compound in the desert outside Las Cruces, NM, I worked retail at the JoAnnFabrics in town.  Just being in the store each working day was creative eye candy to my soul.  I couldn’t make quilts due to our living circumstances, but those creative juices had free roaming privileges within my mind. Continue reading

Creative Confluence


I love how that word rolls about in the mouth; how it feels like its verbal definition.


Defined as a coming or flowing together, meeting or gathering at one point.

Most often used in reference to the joining of different rivers forming a larger waterway, it offers up a powerful image describing the perpetual movement of life.  Regardless of point of origin, the joining up of these liquid forces produces newborn paths, vision and vitality.

Confluence of the Mississippi River & Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois

The confluence of the Mississippi River & Ohio River at Cairo, Illinois. (© Nathan Benn/Ottochrome/Corbis)

Confluence itself is sort of ‘messy.’  Look at the bottom tip of Illinois where the Ohio and Mississippi rivers come together.  During our first year on-the-road between-homes, we often traveled the bridges over these two rivers around Cairo, IL. Continue reading

Bengal Tiger Inspiration

Bengal Tiger Nashville Zoo

Bengal Tiger Nashville Zoo, Amiee Stubbs Photography 2012

That gaze is arresting; so peaceful yet focused and in the moment.  What a glorious creation; breathed forth into existence by the imagination of my Lord.

Reaching out to me from the image; that gaze.  The earthy balance of body, pattern and color palette; eye – candy ‘au naturale.’  It fills me.

The glow of the glimmering candles cast orange upon my workspace.  Against a grey backdrop day, I am surrounded by supportive stuff; bits of inspiration, all within view of that gaze.