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Bengal Tiger Inspiration

Bengal Tiger Nashville Zoo

Bengal Tiger Nashville Zoo, Amiee Stubbs Photography 2012

That gaze is arresting; so peaceful yet focused and in the moment.  What a glorious creation; breathed forth into existence by the imagination of my Lord.
Reaching out to me from the image; that gaze.  The earthy balance of body, pattern and color palette; eye – candy ‘au naturale.’  It fills me.
The glow of the glimmering candles cast orange upon my workspace.  Against a grey backdrop day, I am surrounded by supportive stuff; bits of inspiration, all within view of that gaze.


  1. Anna Scott Graham

    Beautiful image, amazing words! Wonderful post… 😉

    • laura bruno lilly

      Glad to pass a bit of inspiration your way! Look deep into that gaze…

  2. Donna

    Really nice image. I love tigers, always have. Meaningful words too.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Maybe one day you’ll get some photo-face time with one of these photogenic creatures…

  3. Cory Rice

    Tigers are my favorite… used to cry when I saw them at the zoo. So amazing. Hope you are doing fantastic!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Dear Cory,
      Such a sensitive spirit…crying not for fear of the tiger, but for its being.
      I remember all us BC Moms & kids going to the Denver Zoo one summer as a special outing, do you?
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting…I wish for you opportunities for sharing your artistic gifts.
      peace always

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