Day One: Goofy Three Quotes – Three Days

I was recently nominated for the 3 Quotes/3 Days challenge, again.  And I accepted because I really enjoy putting my quotes out there…(My first challenge included these as my selections: first, second, third).

This time I decided to spin the challenge using goofy, non-social statement type quotes.  Perhaps they will give you a respite from the ever present more serious issues surrounding us.

The rules of the challenge are:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post a quote each day for 3 days.
3) Each day nominate 3 new bloggers to take part.

Thank-you to LuLu (we share Laura as our first name!) for the nomination. Click your way to her blog and you’ll find a deep, compassionate young woman writing through her own trials and triumphs with a heart for touching others and a gift of words.

LuLu, I hope you’ll not be too disappointed in my goofy, non-wise/non-insightful selections…(RE: “You have such a wonderful perspective and wise insight.” LuLu)

Here then is my Day One Goofy Quote – These minion guys always make me smile…notice the word coffee on the mug is in, what, mirror writing?

minions coffee quote

 My three nominees for Day One are:

- Janis at Retirementally Challenged

- Anna Scott Graham

- Hilary Clark, Quilt Artist

9 thoughts on “Day One: Goofy Three Quotes – Three Days

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  4. Lulu

    Hahahaha!!!! I burst into peals of laughter when I read these words. I’m about to go put on the morning coffee pot. Reading your quote was perfectly timed, especially because I managed to get myself very anxious about my to-do list yesterday. There is something completely magical about humor that keeps life in beautiful perspective. Thank you! Can’t wait to read quotes 2 and 3. (P.S. Thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog.)

  5. L. Marie

    That quote makes me laugh, because I have a huge mug of coffee right next to me. :-) And I love the minions too.
    Hope your coffee helps you have a productive day, Laura! I know mine will. ;-)


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