Giving Voice: Woman In A Café (poem)

While reading through Andrew James Murray’s newly published collection of poetry Heading North I was particularly struck by his poem, Woman in a Café.

Inspired by the memory of a woman who used to come into the café he frequented during his lunch break while working in Manchester, her fingerless mittened hands clutch bunched plastic bags while two worlds converge if only briefly but forever remembered.

woman in a cafe two

Re-printed with permission.

18 thoughts on “Giving Voice: Woman In A Café (poem)

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  2. Bob

    After reading and feeling the poem I continued to browse and came across the acoustic guitar quartet playing the “farewell to Stromness” that you posted a while ago. Loved it then and now. I even tried to do another “Like” but I got a dirty look from WordPress.

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      Bob: So glad you landed here for a bit! (pun intended ;-) )

      Andy will be pleased that you ‘felt’ his poem…that’s a high compliment indeed. After reading his Stromness poem, I gained a greater depth of appreciation for Farewell to Stromness (one of my favorite pieces as performed by the LA Guitar Quartet shown in the post you mentioned). That piece of music draws me in and just doesn’t let go…

      And, thanks for the virtual ‘Like’ HA!

  3. L. Marie

    I love that one too, Laura. Andy is a very keen observer. I’m so impressed with his poetry. :-) He makes even the commonplace resplendent. :-)

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      Yes, indeed he does.

      Of course, if not for you/your blog, I’d not have been introduced to his work. Hopefully my posts and references of Heading North will serve to further its reach to others as well.


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