Goat Yoga – MamaGoat, TerryScape and Larry woulda loved this!

Saturday, I introduced the public to my ‘Goats in the Garden at Midnight by the Light of the Full Moon’ experience. Complete with slides, commentary, creative process steps, hands-on musical demos and a ‘performance’ of my Goat Suite as the Finale.
It was a huge success! (with much for me to contemplate for further improvements on the presentation as a whole)
I thought this video would be the perfect ‘placeholder’ until a thoughtful article is completed on my first SwS project presentation.
FYI: Dodger in the video is a Boer Goat, as were MamaGoat, TerryScape and Larry (and Tater)

Enjoy this slice of goat bliss – ommmmm!


6 thoughts on “Goat Yoga – MamaGoat, TerryScape and Larry woulda loved this!

  1. Anna Scott Graham

    I loved this video, and wish I could have been with you for your presentation, but my love and prayers for a beautiful day were sent amid watching The Burrito. ;)


  2. L. Marie

    Oh Laura! I’m so glad it was a success. I never doubted that it would be. You’re a wonderfully talented musician. Um, was the presentation recorded for YouTube or anything? Are you going to do another presentation?

    The goats in the video are adorable!!!

    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      You and a few others mentioned the ‘need’ to record it…I surrendered to the idea when it was pointed out clips could be used for future grant proposals…A friend did a vid on her iPhone and we’ll see how it comes out. (She’s on a vacay right now and I told her to take her time in getting it to me)

      The presentation itself is a sort-of WIP and I’m using it as a template for future programs – altered, adjusted as needs dictate and as I get further along in the actual recording of the music.

      As a writer, you are well aware of the inner need to share the creative process behind that of your work – but it’s not always appropriate or possible to do so. In this case, I was encouraged to do so and it was very gratifying as well as thrilling to see the audience (most of whom had no musical background) totally engaged!

      Thanks for asking!


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