The tally’s in: 60/40 in favor of ‘expanding’.

Thank you, readers, for your well-thought out input on the matter.

Real numbers? 12 (60%) – ‘expanding’ and 8 (40%) – ‘ballooning’.

I admit, I leaned heavily in favor of ‘expanding’ from the get-go. The word just rolls off the tongue better. But the visual evoked with ‘ballooning’ is what had me teetering between the two. Alas, in my mind, the other – ahem – gasses associated in those images nixed its usage – plus it was a cumbersome word to intone within the context of the poem itself.

Well, that’s all there is to this post! I wanted to officially announce that the word ‘expanding’ beat out the word ‘ballooning’.

                  Making Bread - poem WIP
                         (LBL - MMXX)

Making bread
I become a Builder.

                   Hands kneading.
                   Yeasty gases expanding.

Making bread.
I watch as it shapes a story.