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Happy National Coffee Day (snafu)

one tree equals one pound coffee

one tree equals one pound coffee

Today was National Coffee Day.  Need I say more?  Well, yes, maybe. Fully intending on taking advantage of such an excuse to abuse my coffee drinking rights, I brewed a luscious pot of Sumatra with crushed cardamom seeds.  Savoring each sip (gulp?) between bites of leftover homemade cannoli from a dinner made for hubby’s cubie and wife last Friday, I was in bean-heaven.  The pot emptied sooner than later, so I unplugged it and pondered just when to start up a new brew.
Meanwhile, that half cup of java left in my cup got stone cold.
“Aha! I will be discreet and only micro-zap the remains of that last drop of coffee. No need to brew up a whole second pot of coffee in honor of the day.”
Placing the cup inside the microwave, I zapped it.  Not the best of flavor, but a great healthful compromise to imbibing on another full pot of the stuff.
“Ah, well, not the tastiest, but here’s to the Day!”
I was quite proud of myself for sacrificing flavor in the name of restraint.
When I picked up the cup to pour out its remaining contents, I noticed an oddly shaped black bumpy thing on the bottom.  Upon closer inspection, it was the waterlogged body of a pesky fly that had been dominating our kitchen environment for the past few days.
Oh, geez…I drank stewed sumatra fly-juice…

Happy National Coffee Day!

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  1. L. Marie

    Every day is National Coffee Day with me, Laura. 🙂
    Ewwww though!!! What a sacrifice on your part. I hate to discover gross stuff at the bottom of my coffee cup. And sadly, I have. 🙁

    • laura bruno lilly

      HA! I love your attitude!

  2. Jane Chesebrough

    I didn’t know. I went to the Cannon coffee site and one of the posts had a photo of a t-shirtthat said”Yoga. Coffee. Nap.” That is exactly what I did today. There is nothing like a good cup of coffe. I have done that , but for today will pass on the fly-juice.Ew-w-w.

    • laura bruno lilly

      I love those quotes posted on their photo site. Will no doubt lift a few to use on a future post or two of my own. 😉
      I find it interesting that yoga is listed first then coffee. For me, it would have to be coffee then yoga then nap!

  3. Bob Cloud

    Ah well, they don’t drink much. On the other hand I do and, no use mincing words, I’m addicted. Love that stuff. I didn’t know it was Coffee Day until mid afternoon so I cranked out another pot just to be honorable. Good excuse as any.

    • laura bruno lilly

      You are such an honorable man, Bob. All hail the bean!

      • Bob Cloud

        Hail Yes!

        • laura bruno lilly

          Very punny…you’re quite the crack-up. 😀

          • Jayne

            “black bumpy thing” Love your attitude and sense of humor. Must ask why you didn’t head down the road to Dunkin Donuts for a freebie.

          • laura bruno lilly

            Too caffeinated to do that…HA!

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