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In Search of a Replacement Classical Guitar Case

In 1994 I purchased my first custom handmade classical guitar.  A Thomas Prisloe.  Crafted with an Englemann Spruce top, Indian Rosewood sides and back and customized features, it came housed in a Pro Tec International case.

My 1994 Prisloe nestled in its original Pro Tec International case, 2015

My 1994 Prisloe nestled in its original Pro Tec International case, 2015

Both have served me well these past 21 years of gigging, performing, recording, teaching and traveling.
The woods of this guitar have long since opened up, developing a tone quality shaped by the touch of my fingers and style of playing.  The case remains a stalwart protector of its charge.
Heavily padded, yet extremely lightweight and durable, this case kept the Prisloe at a consistent temperature and humidity level as well as safe and secure during transport.  It didn’t show signs of falling apart until we ended our between homes journey in July 2012.
Over the course of these last 30 months, first one side zipper quit working, then the other.  A few screw bolts started unscrewing themselves out of their holes and then last but not least, the bottom of the case began loosening from the sides. All telltale signs that this case had given its all and was overdue for retirement.
On a quest for a replacement, I quickly learned that Pro Tec no longer produces this same case. Sifting through numerous options, I narrowed my research to two cases. The Travelite Tl-60 and the Gator GL-C.  What sold me on the Travelite was the fact that it holds the guitar deep inside with no part of it peeking over the sides to be covered by the top.  A feature I have come to value in the original Pro Tec case.
Unfortunately after ordering the Travelite, I learned the company was in the process of moving the manufacturing plant to another location and had postponed production for an unknown length of time.  With no projected shipping date estimation, I took my name off the wait list.
Resuming my search, I came up with the WolfPak Classical Guitar Polyfoam Case as my third and final choice.  It is back ordered, but with an estimated ship date for some time between mid-April and mid-May.
Until it arrives, the Prisloe cannot travel beyond my studio.
No matter, I’m back on that old practice stool and the Prisloe and I, well, we’re traveling to places only music can take us.
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  1. Donna

    I admire musicians. I have no musical talent, and you are multi-talented in that field. Teaching too!

    • laura bruno lilly

      You work among nature’s best musicians constantly…snapping ‘publicity’ photos for all of us to enjoy. 🙂

  2. L. Marie

    Another classical guitarist blogger I follow is Professor VJ Duke of The Punchy Lands. He would totally understand the need for a replacement case. Glad you found one.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Looked up the professor. Seems like there’s a bunch of us coming up on that significant 2nd bloggiversary! 😉
      Your interest in my posts helps me inch ever closer to that goal, thanks!

      • L. Marie

        Yes! I think a bunch of us started around the same time!

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