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Simply Asparagus

Simply Asparagus: Easy, Yummy, and Healthy

½ bundle fresh asparagus, rinsed and snapped
3 or more large garlic cloves, peeled
~ 1T butter, cut into thirds
Place all in small glass microwave container, cover.  Zap on high for ~ 1-2 minutes.  Remove from microwave while still slightly crisp. Enjoy fresh, lightly buttered, steamed asparagus with garlic tidbits.
Serves ~ 2-3
La Crema ChardonnayNOTE: It’s hard to find a wine that goes well with asparagus, but Sonoma Coast’s La Crema Chardonnay fits the bill!


  1. L. Marie

    Ooo! I love asparagus. And I love garlic and butter, so this is a great combination. :_)

  2. Donna

    Ha, I just had this garlic asparagus yesterday. What a coincidence. No wine though, never developed a taste for wine.

  3. Becky

    I’m trying this. It sounds wonderful and I love the simplicity of it. Perfect side to some protein on the barbeque. Thanks for sharing.:)

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, grilled chicken with potatoes…yum…Thanks for stopping by, Becky.

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