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What Brings You Joy?

Dear Readers: If you feel so inclined, please comment below.

What Brings You Joy? Boulder, Colorado mural

Near Central Park, Boulder, Colorado 2016


  1. anne leueen

    I find joy in many things but one of the biggest sources of joy is my horse, riding, training, and just being around him. I also find joy in my husband of 34 years and my children and grandchildren but the horse is what makes me feel alive every single day. thanks for asking this question it is good to have to think about it.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Hello, Anne. Thanks for stopping by!
      I understand about your equine connection – I’ve been a ‘horse gentler’ in horse rescue capacity (which also used goats as part of their gentling) and a trainer/leader in horse therapy programs for Wounded Warriors.
      I’m out of the horse loop right now, but your comment is reawakening that deep part of me…
      All the best to you and your horse-friend.

  2. Sue

    I find joy is constant if I just look for it, whether it’s in my surroundings or in myself, but when I’m not looking for it, it always finds me when I’m creating things and solving problems. And if I create something to solve a problem, that’s a really joyful high!
    You seem to me to be a person who feels joy easily. What brings you the most joy, Laura? šŸ™‚

    • laura bruno lilly

      The act of creation is indeed a source of blissful joy!
      Didn’t realize how hard a question to answer I asked – HA! But I will try:
      So much in His creation from teeny creatures (such as those you draw much creative writing inspiration from!) to the vastness of the galaxies…the discovery of connection between strangers…family of course…a perfectly brewed cup of java with a perfectly baked chocolate croissant…kindred spirits…immersion in my mountains…saturated color…a life well-lived and seen in wrinkles & gray hair…
      Just for a start – HA!
      Thanks for answering and for asking, Sue.

  3. Jane Chesebrough

    When I arrive at the building where I am getting training in the morning, it is still dark but the building is lit up with lines of LED lights, different colours, on the edges of the building and that makes me feel good.I think it is quite pretty.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Hi Jane! Good to see you here. There really is nothing like the warmth lights give in and/or around a building surrounded by darkness that feels so welcoming.
      Hope your training is going well.

  4. Andrea Stephenson

    Usually it’s the simple things, like spending time walking in nature with my dog.

    • laura bruno lilly

      It shows through your photos and writing!

  5. Cindy

    My grandchildren! šŸ™‚

  6. Joe Finnerty

    I am happiest when surrounded by my 32 family members ranging in age from 92 (wife) to twin great grand girls (7 months), blessed to have long life, good health and your friendship.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Dear Joe!
      I know you bring them joy as well…if not a few guffaws. When I recall your stories told with such Irish humor and poignancy, I do smile.
      Your kind friendship began at a very hard time in my life, so the blessing is reciprocal.

  7. Anna Scott Graham

    An intriguing query; entertaining my grandson this morning over breakfast, hanging a quilt on the washing line, a post-lunch chocolate, quiet time with my hubby, reading a good book, writing a cohesive paragraph, enjoying an orange-peachy sky at sunrise…. Topping all these is God’s grace. It is truly a wonderful life. šŸ˜‰

    • laura bruno lilly

      Mmmm so cozy and true, Anna.

  8. Andy

    Without telling her my, or any other answers, I asked my wife, Jen.
    Her reply: Seeing my family happy.
    Then my seven year old son James:
    His reply: When I score goals in football.
    Then my ten year old daughter Millie:
    Her reply: Family, reading and singing
    My seventeen year old daughter Courtney:
    Her reply: No conflict.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Wow, I hit the jackpot on this one! Thank them for me, please.
      I find their answers quite revealing.
      Bee joyful, Mancs!

  9. Andy

    Life. It also brings me sadness too, sometimes.
    But that’s life.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Agrodolce vita…as we say.

  10. Irene Frances Olson

    Witnessing acts of kindness.

    • laura bruno lilly

      And you got to be the recipient of such a sweet and needful act of kindness – I am always especially touched when young men demonstrate such sensitivity.

  11. Jill Weatherholt

    Being with my family brings me the most joy. šŸ™‚

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, I agree! Hope this weekend is filled with forever moments for you and your loved ones.

  12. Jennie Fitzkee

    Music, children, nature, art, and reading. Each one fills my heart, makes me want to get up and go, and gives me pause to be in awe. That is joy!

    • laura bruno lilly

      A heart filled to overflowing is awesomely joyful. Thanks for sharing, Jennie.

  13. L. Marie

    What a great question, Laura!

    • L. Marie

      I see that the rest of my comment did not go through. So here is the rest: Good conversations bring me joy. I had many of those over Thanksgiving, which I spent with friends. We shared good food and many laughs as we played a board game.
      All forms of art bring me joy, Especially music and the written word. I have joy when I make it through the writing of a difficult scene. When I’m inspired, I feel joyful. But I’ve also experienced joy in the midst of sorrowful times.

      • laura bruno lilly

        Sweet conversation – a rarity these days. So glad this past Thanksgiving gave you that pleasure, Linda.
        I totally understand about experiencing joy in the midst of sorrow…His Touch, indeed.

    • laura bruno lilly


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