Peace Post – Nicholas Winton

 I caught this re-broadcast segment on 60 minutes last night after returning from our 4015-plus mile road trip to visit Dad and be with Family.  Because Dad fought in WWII, I offer this video in honor of the spirit in which it was fought…because he is my dad, I offer it in honor of what it means to be Family.

(Nicholas Winton and the Power of Good)

6 thoughts on “Peace Post – Nicholas Winton

  1. Anna Scott Graham

    This was amazing, especially Winton’s last words; British humour is truly the best. ;)

    Thank you, so much, for sharing this, for it is a perfect example of why we are alive. I’ll be pondering this for ages…


    1. laura bruno lilly Post author

      Somehow I knew you’d be touched by this one, Bob.

      My Dad’s 91 and here’s Nicholas at 105…yes, I’d venture to say it was a miraculous blessing all around to get everyone together before too much longer.

      Lest we forget


      1. Bob Cloud

        You were correct Laura, this one really got me. I can only imagine the courage of Mr. Winton as he moved within the chaos that was Europe at that time where the wrong move could get you shot. Yet he knew what he must do to save those children and he did it and no one even knew it for many generations. Courage moves quietly sometimes.
        Thanks for posting this.


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