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3 Books to Consider for Gift Giving this Holiday Season

Note: Yes, I do have a connection to each of these recently published indie books.  In the spirit of artistic solidarity, I present this modest list of suggested titles. Representative of 3 different genres, content as well as individual style varies greatly among them. Let’s take a look. (click on book cover photo for more details)

  1. The Genesis Resolution by T.D. Freiberg
  2. The Quaker Café by Brenda Bevan Remmes
  3. Serving Up Memory: Stories, Poetry & Recipes by the Camden Writers

THE GENESIS RESOLUTION . . .The Genesis Resolution book cover

chronicles the struggles of Father Thomas Constantine from Rome, where he interprets ancient scrolls and teaches at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, to Switzerland’s CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, where he finds an old friend murdered. Searching for a missing laptop computer that could unlock the very secret of creation, Constantine encounters Nadia, a hard as nails–yet vulnerable–Russian who has secrets of her own. Together, they are drawn into a grisly conspiracy that culminates with the hunter becoming the hunted. Fighting his own demons, waning faith, and forbidden love, Constantine confronts a megalomania that leads all the way to the Vatican and an even larger adversary . . . fate.

“Written with a flair for prose, and infused with well-crafted characters readers will relate to, this debut novel dishes up plenty of mystery, intrigue, and complex relationships, all at a whirlwind pace. Freiberg’s refreshingly natural writing style makes this a must read for followers of the genre as well as for those interested in exploring it.”  Laura Bruno Lilly

I was honored to have been a part, albeit a small one, in the finishing stages of Terry’s debut novel, The Genesis Resolution.  Offering up a fresh pair of eyes to a final edit-read on this manuscript before being sent to the publisher, I especially enjoyed complying with the author’s request to make sure he had gotten the female character(s) down in a believable manner.  In general, the suspense genre is not one I often gravitate towards, which made this particular edit-read an adventurous undertaking.  I was pleased to find this particular read engaging, holding my interest throughout the entire novel.

THE QUAKER CAFÉ…The Quaker Cafe book cover

When Liz Hoole, a free-spirited liberal from the Midwest, marries into a conservative Quaker family in a small rural town in North Carolina, she knew it would be a delicate task to negotiate the raising of her four boys in compliance with Quaker values…but as much as she tries, she always seems to fall short of expectations. After Judge Corbett Kendall, the politically powerful father of her best friend, dies, Liz stumbles upon secrets from the past that threaten to unravel the delicate fabric of racial harmony in an easily-divided town… The Quaker Café dances with rich Southern characters: Miss Ellie, the elderly owner and gracious hostess of the café knows more than she admits; Debbie Bradshaw, Liz’s dynamic and colorful secretary, knows more than she should; and Frogbelly thinks he knows it all. As Liz delves deeper into the history of Cedar Branch, she learns that even good people can make bad choices and that bad choices can have lasting consequences…

“A story tinged with just the right Southern sound and sensibility…told with layers of laughter and love and lumps in the throat.”  Marti Healy, author of ‘The Rhythm of Selby’

Brenda is a long-time member of the Camden chapter of the South Carolina Writers Workshop.  I happened to join this band of writers while Brenda was in the midst of marketing her debut novel.  Excitement within this writers critique group over the publishing victory of ‘one of their own’ was palpable and earnest.  As a new member, I jumped right in and joined the others in supporting her efforts to promote her novel.  I enjoyed attending one of her many book launches, hearing her speak and having her sign my own purchased copy of her work.  Reading The Quaker Café offers a gentle introduction to the complexities that are common within the Southern Culture, aiding me in my own quest to understand it.

SERVING UP MEMORY…Serving Up Memory book cover

Everybody has a story.  That’s the philosophy of the Camden Writers.  While recalling and sharing their individual histories, they discovered common themes and experiences.  The group compiled this collection inspired by such memories as a family reunion, a holiday tradition, a beloved friend or relative, a momentous event, or a photograph.  Within these pages, you’ll discover time-tested recipes, view vintage snapshots, revisit community scenes, and read narratives about those who touched the writers’ lives.

“Yesterday, while the rain and wind blew across the East, I snuggled inside under my grandmother’s quilt, two cats draped sleepily over my feet, a fire burning low, and the Camden Writers’ Serving Up Memory in my hands. A perfect afternoon to sort through memories of my own as each story served as a reminder of things held dear and not forgotten…I loved it!”  Sandy Richardson, author of ‘The Girl Who Ate Chicken Feet’

When I joined the Camden Writers, they were in the early stages of planning a group book project in addition to rallying around Brenda’s success.  Submissions for consideration were to contain some element of local history.  I knew straight away that I’d have nothing of relevance to offer, but was looking forward to learning the process of self-publishing and helping out with other aspects of the project.  However, the group insisted I submit something in order for the anthology to be inclusive of all members…such a gracious gesture on their part.  Loosely associated with the anthology’s overall theme of family and holidays but not at all in keeping with its major theme and focus on Southern culture, my submission quiltgift2001 is a story about the giving of a gift.

Camden Writers at Books on Broad

Camden Writers* at ‘Books on Broad’ book launch

*(left-right) Back row: Brenda Bevan Remmes, Paddy Bell, Mindy Blakely, Vanessa Friedrich, Kathryn Etters Lovatt, Martha Dabbs Greenway. Front row: Jayne Padgett Bowers, Lauren Allen, Douglas Wyant, Laura Bruno Lilly. Not shown: Bobbi Adams, Ari Dickinson, Nick West.


  1. Donna

    Books are great Christmas gifts and those written by those you know must be even more welcome. I like the idea in Serving Up Memory. Stories about common things in life can be so interesting when people come from so many different places.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Books as gifts on Christmas are like the tangerine in the toe of one’s Christmas stocking, ya know? Just part of the whole deal. Have a sweet holiday, Donna.

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