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3 Days, 3 Quotes, 3rd Time #1

Here I am doing my favorite blogger-tag game again: The 3 Day Quote Challenge. Half the fun is getting nominated, so I thank you Heather and Dizzy for the nomination.

The Rules:
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day)
– Share why this quote appeals to you so much
– Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day

3 Days, 3 Quotes, 3rd Time #1

barbara bush boring hair quote

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Hair. My longtime nemesis. I learned at an early age, it is not one of my best assets. I enjoyed fooling around with it like most adolescents, but for all the time spent on getting ready to go out, the least return for my time was always with my hair. No biggie, but it does seem that those who worry the most about their hair are those for whom perfectly coifed styles come easily.
In light of the recent passing of former first lady Barbara Bush, here is another more poignant quote spoken to her son in her last days – on dying:

“Jeb, I believe in Jesus, and He is my Savior. I don’t want to leave your Dad, but I know I’ll be in a beautiful place.”

Amen and Amen.

My three nominees for day #1 are:
1 – L.Marie at El Space
2 – Anna at Anna Scott Graham
3 – Gracie at A Light in the Darkness


  1. Mary

    I suspect it takes a lot of strength to be a good First Lady.

    • laura bruno lilly

      A lot of strength for sure!

  2. Cindy

    Interesting quote!

  3. Anna Scott Graham

    Great quote by a very down to earth person. Thanks for nominating me; we’ll see what quotes I can muster. 😉

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Anna. I look forward to your selection.
      Funny thing, I just got my yearly shearing for the summer and along with it came a new big hair-blower roller brush and guess what? They’ve been around a long time, but non-hair-person me just kept using my skinny old-faithful (but needed to be replaced) one from decades ago! This new one works much better – HA!

  4. Deborah Brasket

    Great quote! She’s so right.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Somehow I knew my flower-sister would relate!

  5. Jill

    Barbara Bush was a class act. I love what she told her son.
    I’m laughing at L. Marie switching things up! I’m glad she was nominated and not me…right now I’d have trouble getting one up!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Well now that you mention it, I’ll scratch you off the list of possibles for these next two remaining quote-days! It really is a fun blog-tag, though!
      As for BB’s ‘last words’ to her son – I love that she walked the walk more than she talked about it.

    • L. Marie


  6. L. Marie

    Thanks, Laura, for nominating me! If it’s okay, I’ll put one quote on a post as my offering for the week. Hopefully it will go up tomorrow.
    Barbara Bush was quite the woman! Great quote there!

    • laura bruno lilly

      So glad you amended the challenge to fit your own needs…thank you for doing this.
      Genuine. That would be my single defining word for her.

      • L. Marie

        Yes! The perfect description of her!

  7. Jo Ann Maxwell

    Love the quote about hair! She was such a classy lady!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yes, indeed! I enjoyed all your BB quotes, too Jo Ann.
      Both my folks were from the Greatest Generation and are long gone. Sad to see this salt-of-the-earth gen coming to a close.

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