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Inspiration during a simple Convalescence

Okay.  So I’m laid up a bit from a pesky back muscle spasm. In my mature wisdom, I know it is nothing as incapacitating as what many of my favorite Wounded Warriors have had to endure in a life less than half the length of my own.  But, when one is on a roll with a project that has been working its way to the top of the slush pile of my creative mind, the intrusion of this mini-disability is an aggravation.
In keeping with a term I earned back during my horse rescue days, I choose to ‘Cowgirl Up.’
Yep, being (he)artistic and horsey walk hand in hand in this lady’s life.
I confess to times of grumpiness, but mostly I’ve been reading lots, listening lots and vegging lots.  Never one to run from the creative crock pot of silence, the waiting is invigorating, but the physical stillness is my undoing!
Here then is a sampling of stuff I love, especially when I can’t position myself on my own practice stool and work on my own music.  Enjoy!
Guitar Trek performing the 4th movement of Nigel Westlake’s Sling-jaw Wrasse.

Luna, an acclaimed gayageum player, performing Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile.

And last but not least, a cool video of what I’ve been reading about in the book, “A Geometry of Music” by Dmitri Tymoczko.
Yep, my math degree feeds my music; albeit more subliminally than intentionally!

And as a sort of encore for those of you who have scrolled down this far, I present one of my all time fav’s discovered by my bro.  Over the Rainbow sung by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (Iz).



  1. L. Marie

    I’m sorry you’ve been laid up in pain. I hope you’re feeling better these days. Music is always a help, isn’t it? When I’m feeling miserable, I have a whole playlist of music to listen to. Perks me right up!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank you for the well-wishes. I am indeed doing much better. 🙂
      As for music, well, its positive attributes are multitudinous. I’ve gotten back on the practice stool for a shorter amount of time than usual, but at least it’s a start.
      Hope this Easter/Passover/Holy Season is blessing you.
      Take care

  2. Brenda Remmes

    Particularly love the reminder of Kamakawiwo’ole’s Over the Rainbow. My sister asked that we play it at her funeral and it was the most moving part of the ceremony. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Special reminder, indeed.

  3. David Rastall

    Hi Laura, I hope the backaches aren’t too debilitating : ( : ( : (
    Hey, I like the “creative crock pot of silence.” My creativity works like that too: it simmers for a long time sometimes…
    Those videos are very cool, especially the one with the koto. Is that Jimi “turning Japanese”? (You really think so????)
    I’ve seem Iz with the uke before. I get the wonderful impression that he’s sharing his dreams with all of us. Bravo! Good for him. His singing is very calming to me, in the same sort of way that Dean Evenson’s “Soundings of the Planet” albums are. Take it easy, friend. Think beautiful thoughts. God smiles on us each day, and spring is just around the corner…Best Wishes, David R

    • laura bruno lilly

      Today is indeed a new day. I’m looking forward to seeing how ‘God’s smiles’ are revealed as it unfolds. Thanks for the reminder. 😉
      Glad my selection of vids have imparted some creative inspiration for you, also. Remember my obsession with composing/transcribing existing rep for LUTE and CG?!? I wasn’t too far off base, maybe just a little ahead of my time, heh!

  4. Bob Cloud

    Sorry you’re dealing with a back spasm and I wish you a full recovery. My back seems to hate me too so I can relate and sometimes the best therapy is just plain rest. Also a shot or three of ” Jack Black” helps me cope but you might prefer a comfortable sip of a burgundy from somewhere high.
    Your media selections included above are excellent. I have not heard that rendition of “Over the Rainbow” in many years and it was good therapy for me tonight and the math foundation of music is fascinating..
    Get well soon.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for the the get well wishes, Bob.
      You’re right, there is something deeply therapeutic about Iz’s rendition of OTR.

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