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Intro: Giving Voice (an ongoing series)

On the wall overlooking the sewing table in a far corner of my studio hangs my latest cut & paste collage.
These collages come and go. Serving as conduits of expression, they bring to light brewing intangibles. Those yearnings, thoughts, and insights within the inner self find their way and ‘voice’ through spontaneously selected images and words gathered from a myriad of sources.
This one emerged late in the year 2014, after more than five years of silence.
The lower left corner of the poster board backing reveals a magnificent tiger walking amidst snowy territory.  His eyes speak – Survival, Determination; his body encompasses – Beauty, Dignity.  The text reads – Be the voice for those who have no voice.
While this visual encompasses the overall view of this newly launched blog category regardless of actual topic, I can’t help but put a human face to that tiger.  Walking amidst cold and snowy circumstances, I see human eyes speaking the same message; a human body reflecting unexpected grace while journeying a similar path.
When confronted with a potentially volatile subject matter, I tend to err on the side of documenting sources to support my findings.  Unfortunately, that often kills the very (he)art and passionate force behind one’s need to Be the voice when done to the extreme.  In that respect, the debut of this ‘ongoing series’ reflects my own attempts at balanced writing.  Admittedly, the first subjects I have slated for exploration I find difficult to keep an objective tone.  Yet that splash of subjectivity or personal investment is the very life blood of why I’ve been trying so hard to put this long promised ‘serious series’ together in the first place.
My sincere hope is that each Giving Voice post will be thoughtfully considered by the readers of this blog.  Giving Voice in no way assumes to be an exhaustive reporting of issues.  Balancing experience and exposé, feeling and facts, I am but one voice, with a very small reach.
As always, I welcome any genuine comments you may have to share, either in the comments area below, in an e-mail via the contact button or message via personal e-mail.
Agreement is not the goal; engagement/awareness is…one voice at a time.


  1. Andy

    All great movements, attitudes and initiatives begin with one voice. I love your concept of (he)art.

  2. Anna Scott Graham

    Looking very much forward to reading this series! That last sentence says it all.

    • laura bruno lilly

      As always, I appreciate your support and encouragement.

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