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It’s Been a Fun…

…Ten Day Run.

I’ll bet you thought this was gonna be about a mega-marathon. Better yet, about me training and then actually running one of those events. HA!

Or maybe just an announcement of a 10 day-in-a-row blogging challenge that never happened.

None of the above.

It has been a fun run of Palindromic Dates, however!

Littering the calendar landscape from January 20th through January 29th, these dates read the same forward and backward. That is to say iff (since we’re in a sort of Math Realm, I thought the abbreviation for the Math term of ‘if and only if’ to be appropriate herein) one writes dates in the month/day/year format.

1/20/21 = 12021 both ways through to today’s 1/29/21 = 12921 both ways.

I love this sort of stuff, sorry to see it go for now.

Did you know: the USA’s Inauguration Day date of January 20th won’t be up as a Palindrome Date for another 1000 years?


  1. zippyquilts


  2. Annika Perry

    Oh darn, I missed all the fun of these Palindromes Dates!? I’m more used to the written ones which are always enjoyable to discover, as for the dates, they work with our system but far fewer options I think. Twelfth of January would be 12.1.21 Hope you’re having a good start to the week, Laura! ?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for chiming in, Annika. And yes, this week is the start of a new month, which ‘feels’ kinda good.

  3. Ally Bean

    I enjoy palindromic dates, too. Now we just have to wait until December 2021 to have this fun again.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Always keeping an eye out…

  4. Lavinia Ross

    Palindromes are fun!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Especially when accidentally found by oneself!

  5. Marie A Bailey

    Very interesting. Although January is my least favorite month, I have new respect for it now ?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Glad to help push it along for you this year, Marie!

  6. Janis @

    I love palindromes and was aware of the series we had this month! I am definitely looking forward to the next inauguration palindrome! Hopefully that election will be more civilized.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh you are a hoot, Janis! You’re gonna beat this Pandemic and live to a fine ripe old age and help usher in that next Inauguration Palindrome! You go, girl!

  7. Andy

    I wonder what your country, and the world, will be like then?

    • laura bruno lilly

      ….please let it be anything but ‘dystopian’!
      That said, it’s fun to wonder, isn’t it?

      • Andy

        A thousand years-anything could be possible!

  8. anne54

    i have been intrigued by this month’s dates too. However, they make different patterns if you write the date as we do ~ day/month/year. 2/1/21 was a good one!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for pointing out the ones that fall under European/Australian Date Pattern Palindromes! I knew these only ‘worked’ in our country’s Date Pattern – Palindromes know no boundaries! HA!
      BTW: 2/1/21 will be recycled here soon!

  9. Jane's Heartsong

    Glad you explained that, it is fun to see.

    • laura bruno lilly

      You’re very welcome, Jane.

  10. Lillian Batarseh

    Another numbers tidbit:
    When I got my first COVID vaccine injection last week,the nurse looked a little askance at my paper work until I assured her that I was indeed born on 1-20-41 and the day’s date was 1-20-21! Best eightieth birthday present I could have had.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Happy Happy Birthday, Madame Lillian. Best 80th present, indeed!
      Your numbers tidbit made my day – a fitting end to the ‘Fun 10 Day Run’.
      Stay safe and keep penning poems.

  11. marissthequilter

    Oh what fun !! I love both palindromes and numbers so your post gave me double delight.
    The name of one of our daughters is a palindrome and we have lived in a house numbered 11 ( a weak palindrome) for more than 20 years.
    The best palindrome I have ever come across ( in an Atwood novel ) is “raw sexes war”.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh that is rich, Mariss!
      Our eldest we named Hava (short for Havilah). And back then, we were surprised at how many people suggested we take the ‘Havah’ spelling to make it Palindromic!

      • marissthequilter

        And our youngest is Hannah. The names rhyme!

  12. Alien Resort

    Adam would appreciate that (Adam as in “Madam I’m Adam”).

  13. petespringerauthor

    We share a similar interest, Laura. I love palindromes and numbers. One year my class and I kept a list of all of the word palindromes we came across that school year. It’s amazing how many there are such as “radar.”

  14. Cindy Anderson

    I don’t think I will be alive for that one ?

    • laura bruno lilly

      I get off the bus way before then, too!

  15. L. Marie

    This has been fun! I didn’t realize that about today, but I have noticed some other dates in January. So cool, Laura!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, the fact of it occurring for 10 consecutive days in a row was the extra zing for me!
      (ps-seems this comment answers in part my email questions I just sent you!)

  16. piecefulwendy

    Well, considering I have to look at the calendar lately to see what day it is, much less the date, this little tidbit entirely escaped me. I find this so interesting and satisfying, for some reason!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Fascinating factoids of life help enlarge our world a bit – HA! Glad to pass this one on to you, Wendy.

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