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Pandemic Potpourri #4

As mentioned before: herein I will blog, and commenters can comment, without feeling guilty about seeming to disregard the seriousness of our present COVID-19 Reality. In other words, this space is reserved for escaping/managing Reality – however that translates. Anything goes, so here goes!

From bloggers I follow:

laura c's purple orange lily

Laura C’s Purple-Orange Lily.

Nature’s melding of my all-time favorite purple color with an injection of an emerging orange-craziness!

Roseanne's tote bag using my African Fabric scrap block

Roseanne’s finished tote bag.

She did a great job incorporating the scrap block I sent her just for fun & friendship into something functional!

From the kitchen:

And then there’s always ice cream – what’s your favorite?

tillamook ice cream

Tillamook Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream.

A huge splurge but really needing a treat in this heat!

He will be the sure foundation for your times.

Isaiah 33:6a


  1. zippyquilts

    Ha! There was some ice cream eaten here, as well!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for reminding me…haven’t had my daily dose today!

  2. Ally Bean

    I wish I liked ice cream more. The names of it are great, but I’m indifferent to it and no amount of clever wordplay can draw me into eating much of it. HOWEVER, you carry on!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Cheers, Ms Bean. I raise my spoon to you in hopes of a delightful week!

  3. Marie A Bailey

    Our favorite is Ben & Jerry’s Americone. But when we’re at a ice cream shop, I go for something old-fashioned like butter pecan. That brings back memories of visits to my aunt’s summer camp, stopping for ice cream cones along the way. I was not an adventurous child, I always asked for a vanilla cone but I remember my mom ordering butter pecan for herself. And thank you for the brief escape ?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Ice cream does evoke many pleasant memories…I’m so blessed to know this teeny post helped you escape for a moment – in ice cream bliss no less!
      Stay safe – and indulge in a scoop of Americone sometime soon.

  4. snakesinthegrass2014

    The bag reminds me of ones my dad used to make with his own scraps. He sewed up vinyl tops for cars back in the seventies and early eighties (when such auto stylings were popular), and he was proud of using the leftovers to make tote bags for women. They weren’t much to look at it, as the one Roseanne made for you is, but I remember how great they were for hauling veggies in from the garden. – Marty

    • laura bruno lilly

      So cool that he acquired those vinyl scraps (maybe he did a bit of dumpster diving in the company’s trash?)…and made something useful and artistic (no doubt) with them.
      Oh and BTW: that bag is what Roseanne made from a scrap block I sent to her to do with what she wanted – to keep. So she’ll be hauling veggies or books or her computer or whatever in it.

  5. Jennie

    Oh, the ice cream is my favorite! And, I’ve never seen a purple lily before, so that was a treat. Stay cool in this heat, Laura.

    • laura bruno lilly

      That purple lily is a stunner. And less calories to enjoy than the luscious ice cream! HA!

      • Jennie

        Oh, yes! But who can resist the ice cream? ?

        • laura bruno lilly

          Ah, my kinda gal!

          • Jennie

            Definitely! ?

  6. rl2b2017

    Hi Laura! YUMMY – the ice cream looks delicious. And thanks for the shout out on the bag. You know how many kudos I have received thanks to your pretty block. {{Hugs}} And doesn’t God do good work on that pretty flower?! That’s what one of Sue’s student said one day, boy that God guy is pretty nice and does good work. Ahh, from the mouth of babes. Take care and stay safe. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • laura bruno lilly

      Out of the mouth of babes indeed! Really like that story to start this new week with!
      Now that the tote is done, guess I’ll be ‘hanging out’ with ya more in the coming days…(HA! like the pun? – yeah, pretty lame!)
      Great job on that, Roseanne.

      • rl2b2017

        HAHAHAHA – yes, you will be! For years to come 🙂

  7. marissthequilter

    Thanks for brightening my day with that spectacular orange and purple lily.
    Have you ever added chili to icecream? It’s probably been done, but it struck me that it might be a reality distraction.
    I am sewing with bright bold colours on this windy, cold day as a way of managing The Reality of the COVID Situation

    • laura bruno lilly

      Your phrase “reality distraction’ is classic!
      I’ve heard of adding chile to chocolate…but to be honest I’m thinking why adulterate the indulgence!!!???
      I can picture you sewing with bright colors, Mariss. Hang in there, friend.

  8. Jane's Heartsong

    I indulged in ice cream during the last week of heat.. Hagendaz Pralines and Cream, though it pretty well melted on the walk home. I also like Chapmans (Canadian and no additives) black cherry or strawberry cheesecake but vanilla with bananas and raspberries are just fine. The Hagendaz was the first since last year.

    • laura bruno lilly

      The vanilla with bananas reminds me of a favorite frozen custard sundae from a place called Caliche’s in Las Cruces, NM – their ‘strawanna’ is a classic strawberry & banana (fresh) topping over the best frozen custard (smooth and rich) ever!

  9. cedar51

    Hokey Pokey – a New Zealand flavour and not just in summer time

  10. Janis @

    At home, my favorite kind of ice cream is whatever is in the freezer. When out and about, I will usually go for anything lemony or maybe licorice. I have a very funny story about the time when I ate way too much licorice ice cream and thought I was going to die (and it wasn’t from over-eating). If you ever get back my way, we’ll have some wine on our deck and swap stories.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh, you do cover the bases – ‘whatever is in the freezer’!
      About that licorice…isn’t it a natural laxative? Ahem.
      And I have had champagne sorbet…kinda like a wine-ice cream…here’s to when we might meet up. Hopefully then, we won’t be sick (I, too, feel like I had an early dose of COVID back when I was in SDCA in January).

  11. L. Marie

    I love these posts, Laura. Whatsoever things are good, lovely, etc. is my motto. That ice cream looks fabulous!
    I have finally moved into my new home. Will have to show photos at some point. The move happened today and I am exhausted.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yay! Dance of joy…oh yeah, you’re too tired…well, let me dance anyway! HA!
      Send me pics when you’re able, my email will love to get them! And I surely wish I could sit down with you and share a carton of this yummy ice cream!


    Viewing wildlife in the woods outside my windows..zebra and Gulf fritillary butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, cardinals, blue jays, pileated woodpeckers… Cheryl

    • laura bruno lilly

      Ah, delightful!

  13. Laura

    What a pleasant potpourri list, Laura! When the heat is turned up, I definitely eat more than my fair share of ice cream! I don’t have a favorite…it is all good…but coffee almond fudge is right up there! 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for ‘contributing’ to my list!
      Well, if push came to shove, I’d add homemade peach and spumoni to the list, but I didn’t want to seem too greedy!

  14. LA

    Strawberry ice cream….

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