The road ends, but the journey continues...

Dawning of a New Day

Each day is new; we all know this.

The feeling of promise kisses each of us upon first awakening; however fleeting.

Before the Realities of Life sift back into our consciousness, this is how it all begins.

Dawning of a New Day

Dawning of a new day in central Florida

Thou dost make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.
Psalms 65: 86


  1. Anna Scott Graham

    This is perfect, as while the sun has yet to break over the sky, here it is, another beautiful, promising day.
    Ta love. 😉

    • laura bruno lilly

      With cuppa java in one hand, a pen in the other, the day this photo was taken was spent absorbing its unfolding.

      • Joe Finnety

        As always, I love your reflections on life. You see God’s handiwork in the picture combining water and sun.
        Others see science. Last night, an astrophysicist sipped some water while being interviewed on local public TV. As an aside, he mentioned that all the water on earth is older than our sun, carried here by comets.
        It reminded me of an engineering pal who, upon seeing the rainbow formed by the spray of Fountain Hill’s fountain (which his wife thought beautiful), wondered how much horsepower its pumps needed to shoot that stream hundreds of feet into the air.

        • laura bruno lilly

          Speaking for myself, Science and God are not mutually exclusive. I love how something so essential to our living as hydration via water is an element older than our sun. Wow.
          As for Fountain Hill’s fountain-it really is stunning to observe its many layered rainbow affects when the spray and light are just right…horsepower be darned!!!!HA!
          Thank you for stopping by, Joe.

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