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Been up and down with that lousy respiratory bug for the past four weeks…Hubby, too…Been unable to taste or smell for at least the last two weeks (well really only ten days and counting but still)…Hubby has his back…Been on a self-imposed coffee fast because I can’t taste it so why bother?…Hubby doesn’t get the coffee thing…Gettin’ kinda cranky…

Okay, so maybe I’m going through a good healthy coffee purge/cleansing – Sooooo: should I still pick up that first cuppa once I get my taste buds back?

You betcha!

I Miss My Coffee!!!!

coffee design

I’m going psychedelic-crazy without my hot-shot brew

Go here for my new fav coffeeshop blog.
Go and here & here to more fully my relationship with the stuff (be sure to scroll down to the bottom of that second post to get the fairytale true story).


  1. Lulu

    I hope that by the time this comment gets to you, you are already feeling better and are back to tasting your coffee again! If it were me, I would still be drinking it, even if I couldn’t taste it. There’s so much ritual in my morning cup of coffee (or tea). It’s sort of a sacred time for me. Did I ever tell you about the brief period when I really couldn’t drink anything caffeinated because of a horrible case of acid reflux? It lasted several months, likely due to too much stress, too little sleep, and what I was eating (or not eating). I would still pick up a cup of black on my way to work every day, just so that I could place it on my desk to smell and look at. Wishing you good health so that you can go back to enjoying what you love! xo

    • laura bruno lilly

      I wonder if your continued morning ritual during that brief period of extreme acid reflux was a sort of healing ritual?
      I am doing much better now, thank you and while I thought this Sunday morning would mark my first cuppa since forever…I was incorrect! Sooo I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow to a glorious cuppa. Hope is so important in our lives, even in the realm of coffee delights!

  2. Anna Scott Graham

    In the last two years I’ve been up and down with the java kick; was totally in while Dad was passing, needing that jolt as well as the tie to my childhood, where a ten-cup pot was brewed every day. Then I came home, but it wasn’t the same, plus my machine broke, so I took that as a sign to lay off the beans. But just this past Christmas I enjoyed very tasty cups with my eldest and her hubby, which brought me back to a daily couple of mugs, this time instant, which also hearkens to my father, who in his later years had one mug of instant every afternoon at 4 PM. Not sure if he even drank it in the mornings any longer, nor did he wash out that mug, a habit of which I don’t follow, ha! But like you, I am in dire need of that warmish-hot brew, recently partaken with my hubby’s sister and BIL, and for them I pulled out the coffee maker, hee hee. I can’t justify it for my measly two mugs a day, but boy there’s nothing like freshly brewed to start one’s day off correctly.
    Feeling for you, and sending healing prayers, covering your taste buds as well as the rest of you!

    • laura bruno lilly

      So sweet the childhood and dad-daughter connection, Anna. I’m glad you didn’t pick up that icky habit of not washing out the mug, tho! 😉
      Taste buds are beginning to peak out of hiding intermittently…I’m hoping for a glorious cuppa come Sunday morning! Thank you for your prayers – including those directed towards being more fully able to ‘wake up and taste (smell) the coffee’ HA!
      Hope you’re still dry and safe.

  3. Deborah Brasket

    Get well soon, Laura! I love my coffee too.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for the well-wishes, Deborah. Enjoy your morning cuppa!

  4. Sylvia

    Hope you’re soon recovered. These bugs do seem to linger far too long. Love the coffee art, but I only drink black coffee. Not much one can do to pretty that up. 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Ahem….me too – about taking mine black. But I do enjoy a frothy latte from time to time!

  5. Andy

    I recently went decaf. The reason being, I was going to take part in a drug trial-Flu camp, and for ten days I wouldn’t be able to have caffeine, and decided I didn’t want to undergo withdrawal in there so did it early.
    I figured it would be more healthy for me too: coffee without the caffeine. Although, after going on one of your links and reading about the benefits, I’m no longer sure if this would still apply to me without the caffeine?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yep, it’s mostly due to the caffeine. I’m assuming you did your homework and are using decaf processed via a non-chemical method. Turns out, decaf can be worse (very subjective use of this word) than the real deal, so watch out!

  6. Jane Chesebrough

    Continued recovery! A lot of people I know had pneumonia this winter. I had a long-lasting bug but thankfully not that. I love my morning coffee-and while I have been house-sitting, perusing the morning paper. Wow, that is a fancy coffee. I didn’t realize before that those fancy leafs and hearts are done while the barrista is pouring the coffee into the cup.This one, not sure how that is done.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, there is a whole world of barista art out there – Wouldn’t it be cool to have an art show of all coffee related art including the drinkable kind? Imagine, the gallery filled with art-works of all sorts and then coffee bars creating and displaying latte art! Oh I am missing that stuff!

  7. Janis

    Coffee makes me happy and starts my day. My husband doesn’t get it either… I feel sorry for him

    • laura bruno lilly

      LOL you’re a better wife than I – I figure more for me! HA! And he sips a hot chocolate anytime we decide to visit a coffee place together, so that’s still a ‘date’ thing for us.

  8. L. Marie

    Oh man! I’m sorry you also have that respiratory bug. I’ve been battling that for weeks. I hope you feel better soon, so that you can have a nice cup of coffee.
    Thanks for that great list of coffee places. There is a place near me that is usually packed–River City Roasters.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Sometime when I get to visit my girl-cousins, we should try to get together at one of those places! Who knows when, but it’s a treat to dream such beany dreams!
      May our buggies get squashed sooner than later, friend! Take care.

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