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Sparkles like a flash of lightening came (poem)

Sparkles like a flash of lightening came

Sparkles on our front porch stairs

Sparkles like a flash of lightening came
Bounding down from nowhere deep
In the darkest time of night.
Such speed for one so small and soft
Sparkles like a flash of lightening came.

 Pressing up against her newfound prize
Thunderous tunes purr rumbling
Split second communiqués.
Joyous in triumphant conquest
Sparkles like a flash of lightening came.

Fresh and bright next morning
Caresses shared with tummy filled
‘Come on let’s play.’
Sparkles like a flash of lightening came.


  1. Donna

    Sparkles is a beautiful cat. Love your poem, you made Sparkles famous.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank you, Donna. Sure wish we could have kept her, but just found out she’s settling nicely into her new forever home so that’s a comfort.
      As for being famous, well, like Sparkles getting a new home, all it takes is one to make a difference.
      peace always

  2. Anna Scott Graham

    Oh, this is beautiful, and that shot of Sparkles, magnificent! She looks like a polar bear cat. 🙂 (Or is it a he?)

    • laura bruno lilly

      She’s part Siamese since her markings are pale remnants of Siamese ‘points’ with her eyes being a washed out blue.
      Because we’re renters and the landlord has a no pet clause in the lease, we couldn’t keep her. But the good news is that my cousin owns a chain of local pet stores and has taken her in until we can find a good forever home for her. She’s the first kitty my hubby wished we could keep…sigh.

      • Joe Finnerty

        Here’s an apt cat excerpt from my autobiograhpy, 1945:
        “It seemed you could ship anything by Railway Express, including animals. One night a boxcar arrived containing a hissing-mad Siamese cat. A worker decided to let it out of the cage to drink a bowl of milk. As soon as the cage door opened, it bolted past the man and fled into the wilds of Hoboken, free at last, where it joined the legions of urban-tough felines residing in the surrounding railroad yards.
        We formed a search party, hoping to find this prize-winning specimen and beloved family pet. The gent who had literally “let the cat out of the bag” became frantic. As time went by, it became evident this tabby would miss the outbound shipment. In desperation, our “Clyde Beatty” set out another bowl of milk. The lure worked. An alley cat walked over to the bowl and began sipping. Before the cat managed to take a few laps of milk, my friend scooped it up and tossed this mangy, battle-scarred denizen of the streets into the cage. He latched the door and sent this “damaged” cargo to its final destination.
        My induction notice arrived soon after and my employment with the Railway Express ended abruptly. How did this saga end? I never found out.
        What thoughts must have crossed the minds of the owners when they went to retrieve their pet? They must have been amazed. It is one thing for a cat to have nine lives, but it is quite another to have it undergo such a remarkable transformation during an overnight train ride.”

        • laura bruno lilly

          What a hoot! You had me in stitches…your stories more often than not crack me up. 😀

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