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Totality: South Carolina 2017 (poem)

note: In light of unresolved disaster needs in Puerto Rico and the devastating shootings in Las Vegas, I have no words to write on those subjects…too overwhelming. I tend to express myself through musical phrases rather than sentences; poetry rather than prose.
Heartfelt condolences to all affected in both places.

RIP to both Tom Petty (fav rocker) & Red Miller (creator of the Broncos Orange Crush that took us to our first Super Bowl with quarterback Craig Morton – remembered with fondness)

Seems like 2017 has a backlog of compositions in various stages of emergence; here is a recent poem on the beauty felt during a more glorious occasion, as promised.

Totality: South Carolina 2017

poem by Laura Bruno Lilly

Coronet spills

fire cream



 Daytime bathed

in Twilight



 Air embraced

standstill sun




  1. Andrea Stephenson

    Beautiful Laura, it seems so simple but you’ve conveyed so much in these words.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank-you, Andrea.

  2. Anna Scott Graham

    It has been quite a time for reflection, in many aspects of our lives. Your poem expresses hope, beauty, and connection, key ingredients for healing. Ta love!

    • laura bruno lilly


  3. jane chesebrough

    very fitting, thank you.

    • laura bruno lilly

      what a special time, eh?

  4. Jill Weatherholt

    Beautiful poem, Laura. I hope you and the family are doing well. Enjoy your weekend.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Jill. I’m looking forward to a mellow weekend – hope you can relax a bit, too!

  5. Sue Ranscht

    Thanks for that. Life has been so eclipsed by loss, reminders of a natural glory can help light the way forward.

    • laura bruno lilly

      I relate to your use of the term ‘eclipse’ in the here and now of our lives…you certainly have a way with words, Sue.

  6. Andy

    Great images, Laura, paticularly the opener.
    And in your introduction yes-some dark times we’re witnessing at the moment.

    • laura bruno lilly

      The opener is my fav section, too. Your comment as a pubbed poet is highly regarded, Andy.

  7. Jo Ann Maxwell

    Remember the orange crush! What a great memory! Broncos have been my team since about 1975!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Aha, another Broncomaniac!
      Yet, we are both displaced in the Carolinas!

  8. L. Marie

    Oh, Laura. So lovely. Just what was needed today. We need these glimpses of beauty. So thank you. I love the words you chose. They express the eclipse so well.

    • laura bruno lilly

      You are most welcome, Linda…as you know, it feels good to share our (he)art and then receive support such as yours! So, thank you.

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