The road ends, but the journey continues...

After Lots of Waiting and Working Through…

…my Swimming with Swans: The Music – Goat Suite (Saga) release is on the horizon!

As many of you know, getting my Swimming with Swans: The Music – Goat Suite (Saga) recorded, mixed and mastered with accompanying artwork and copy text for both physical and digital product has been a ‘Saga’ in and of itself. It’s been an ordeal, but worth every ounce of effort!

So, it is with immense pleasure I make this announcement:

My CDs are in the snail mail as of this writing. Physical product is on its way.

I’m thrilled, ecstatic and over-the-top elated. I want to savor this moment before taking a big breath to continue along the actual music release journey.

Please click on the link and join me in viewing this cool 3D rendering of my CD packaging.

Click here for cool 3D rendering of CD

this link has since timed out. But it was very cool when it was in operation!

Perhaps you’ve known other creative (he)artists who seem prolific in their body of work output because they just have a knack for effortlessly releasing it out into the public realm. Perhaps you have a perception that once a piece of music is finished (all the hard work and fun creative aspects of being a musician culminating in a completed form) all that’s left is to announce it to the world by slapping it up on Spotify or YouTube or even passing on the MP3s via email.

Not true.

At least for me.

I have no illusions of being anyone great or super-starish in my music, but I do want to make its presence count. On my terms. In a manner I feel is of worth to those in my ‘world’ who have been waiting with me for this upcoming moment of formal release. And perhaps exposing those outside my ‘world’ to something different and worthy of their consideration. To that end, utilizing media outlets such as Spotify, YouTube and BandCamp are key factors – but need to be mindfully applied.

Similarly, I need to curb my personal enthusiasm and desire to share an MP3 too early or prematurely in the process.

That said, there are still a few behind-the-scenes aspects I’m completing before the time is ripe to formally release my GS(S).

I’ll keep you posted.

Once a formal music release date has been finalized, you’ll be one of the first to know.

And then we can go from there – within reach of that horizon!


  1. Lavinia Ross

    Congratulation, Laura!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks Lavinia!

  2. Congratulations this is very awesome!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks Tierney!

  3. Cheryl, Gulf Coast Poet

    Laura, how exciting that all your hard work will soon be completed. The CD case is impressive! Congratulations! <3

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Cheryl – the artwork is soooo cool thanks to artist Rita Moore. She’s an animal & goat lover, too!

  4. Jennie

    Congratulations, Laura. I’m so proud of you!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Jennie!

      • Jennie


  5. Khaya Ronkainen

    Congrats once more, dear (He)art! The prospect of getting my hands on your music really excites. Have fun with behind-the-scenes, and hopeful you’ll share some after the release! 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      You are too kind, Khaya. Will be delighted to get my music in your hands!

  6. deborahbrasket

    I’m so excited for you! What a joy and accomplishment. I love the look of your CD and can’t wait to hear it, to sit back and listen to the lovely strains of my flower-sister filling the room!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh Deborah, it’ll be sheer delight to fill your room with my suite!
      snapdragon-ey peace to you, flower-sister!

  7. zippyquilts

    Congratulations! I look forward to learning more.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Zippy. And you shall (hear more)!

  8. Janis @

    Wowzers! Congrats! That 3D rendering is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing it.

    • laura bruno lilly

      My uber pleasure, Janis. That ‘wowzer’ made my day!

  9. Annika Perry

    Congratulations on thiw wonderful achievement, Laura! The artwork and final CD look terrific and eye-catching! I can’t wait to hear more about it. My son uses one reupable company that releases his music on all the streaming services in one go which has worked well. I’m so happy for you, my friend! hugs ❤️

    • laura bruno lilly

      I’ll bet that service is cdbaby…at least that’s the go-to for here in the states. That’s one of the outlets I’m signed up for – but I don’t have a finalized release date set yet – for some reason I’m having a hard time committing to a specific date!!!! HA! Oh well, it’ll come together soon, I’m sure.
      Thanks for your support, Annika. And give my best to your son!

  10. anne54

    Oh, congratulations Laura. While I know nothing about behind the musical scenes, I do know the joy of realising dreams.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Of course, I knew you’d ‘get it’ Anne. Thanks for the encouragement and commraderie!

  11. cedar51


    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank you, Catherine.

  12. Jane's Heartsong

    A lot of work and I can only imagine that sometimes you had to hold yourself back from plowing through it, at times even putting your project on hold. The CD is quite artful which made me aware of the process of creating the artwork , not to mention the music. Excited for you and for me to hear it.!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, you know how that goes…putting stuff on hold. So glad my little announcement piqued interest in the non-musical aspects of it all – the artwork is by Rita Moore, another animal lover and keeper of goats!

  13. Andy

    Yes! So glad that all of your hard work and dreams/vision is about to be realised. Can’t wait ?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Me neither!

  14. Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections

    What a personal joy you are feeling to see a labor of love come to fruition. Congratulations on the journey and the accomplishment. Cool animation, which is a good promotional tool!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yep, a ‘labor of love’ is an apt observation, Frank. Thanks for the congrats…and you’re right about the cd animation. It’s from the cd manufacturer – a surprise feature that appears after one’s order is all specked out, proofed, approved and on it’s way…nice customer-personalized service, I’d say!

  15. marissthequilter

    Salutations. I am in awe of anyone who can make music and now I am doubly awed. I had not thought how much more effort it takes to produce and market a composition. Bravo!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Like in fiber art – once a piece is done, it’s not really done! HA! Thanks for your kind remarks, Mariss.

  16. Chela's Colchas y Mas


    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank you so much for showing up on my blog and joining in with my happiness, Chela!

  17. petespringerauthor

    Anyone can appreciate the feeling of accomplishment, especially after working on any labor of love. I’m so happy that your dream is coming to fruition, Laura. Way to make it happen!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yay! Thanks, Pete.

  18. Laura

    Fantastic, Laura! Love the 3D rendering! I am very happy for you! Not everyone follows their dream to completion…especially when the road gets tough in places! 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Laura. A colleague used the term ‘perseverance’ as being a useful tool in such circumstances. I guess I’d say it’s more stubbornness to ‘not let go.!! HA!

  19. LA


  20. rl2b2017

    WOWEE Laura!! How thrilling and exciting is this news. Love the 3D rendering of the CD. I have no idea about the behind-the-scenes of making music but I certainly have enjoyed what you’ve shared about the journey. And, I adore the music of Chicago!! {{Hugs}} a bunch for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks Roseanne for being a part of my happiness! I appreciate your following me in the blogs about this journey, too.

  21. L. Marie

    Oh Laura!!! Congratulations on this wonderful news. When I get my act together, I would love for you to come on the blog to talk about this!

    • laura bruno lilly

      No need to rush on ‘getting your act together’ on my account – you know me, I’m more the tortoise than the hare! However, I am thrilled at your blog talk invite and we’ll pound out deets at leisure via our email chats, I’m sure. Thanks for your always enthusiastic support for my efforts – one (he)artistic sister to another.

  22. piecefulwendy

    Well, this is very exciting news! I’ll be waiting with anticipation!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks, Wendy – will keep you informed!

  23. Ally Bean

    You are right, that is a cool 3D rendering. Play on, my friend.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yep, this is ‘only the beginning’ (taken from our midwestern common rooted group, Chicago!) – I’d link it here, but I don’t want the youtube to appear in my comment, look it up and have yourself a good listen this Wednesday morning.

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