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For all the children who will not know – collaborative poem

For all the children who will not know

Laura Bruno Lilly, Andrew James Murray

 ~ 5/22/2017 ~

For all the children who will not know

the warmth of sunshine upon their cheeks;
the cold of dug snow-forts and candy-land  castles.

For all the children who will not know

the slurpy free love of an old faithful mutt;
the drooly mouth kisses from kids of their own.

For all the children who will not know

the joy of youthful wanderings;
the joys of returning home.

Laura Bruno Lilly


~ 22/5/2017 ~

The flowers bloomed early
and were cut down by a cruel frost.
We all came together
– but at what cost?
For what was gained can’t be measured
against what was lost,
and those children will never know.

Andrew James Murray


  1. Leueen Willoughby

    this is such a touching piece from you and Andrew. It caught my attention today because of the situation with children in detention due to the immigration crackdown. But this poem applies to so many lost children: still born children, miscarried children, infant death children, children killed in accidents, shootings, wars, the list goes on. It is such a lovely piece.

  2. Miriam

    Very beautifully written by both you Laura and Andrew. So gentle and loving in content and
    with a soft rhythm. I love it.

  3. Sue Battista

  4. Brigid Gallagher

    What a beautiful and poignant collaberation

  5. Cindy

    Well said!

  6. Jennie Fitzkee

    This was an excellent collaborative poem. Bittersweet, poignant, and straight from the heart. Thank you!

  7. Janis

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your powerful words.

  8. Andy

    Thank you for this invitation to collaborate with you. Such a sad subject to write about, but it’s events such as this that provoke a response. And it’s heartening to see that we are of one mind, on both sides of the Pond.

  9. Anna Scott Graham

    Powerfully tender verses from you both; ta cheers thanks loves.

  10. Jill Weatherholt

    I’m glad I know! Beautiful, Laura!

  11. Jane Chesebrough

    Bittersweet. thank you.

  12. L. Marie

    Oh, I love this! What a beautiful tribute, Laura and Andy! Thank you for writing that!

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