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On the road to healing with Minions, music and happy day bouquets!

On the road to healing with Minions, music and happy day bouquets!

What a fantastic way to send flowers long distance! I received this ‘Bouquet in a Book’ in the snail mail a few days after my foot surgery from my blogger sista & co-honorary Manc bud, L.Marie.
Totally unexpected. Thoughtful. And fun.
Just like she is 🙂
I’m sharing my ‘adult’ pop-up book bouquet with all of you because it just might help to make your day a happy day, too – along with Stuart Minion (UKE ready to play), my jazzman Dad in spirit (represented by the statuette), my Ma’s outrageous lilies (one in a series of color studies), and a framed color copy of an art postcard I bought long ago of William H. Johnson’s Blind Singer (which has an interesting story behind it for another time).
Saw the Doc the other day to get my stitches out (ick, but whew, glad that’s done) and I’m on the next leg of my foot surgery recovery. Yep, that was an awkward pun 🙁
In three weeks I’ll be out of the Boot and closer to getting back into my ‘normal’ shoes – which implies getting back to my more ‘normal’ exercise routines. We’ll see. Until then, I discovered a fantastic YouTube Video by a youthful exercise coach on exercises that can be done while serving time in the Boot.
Caroline Jordan’s, Hurt Foot 30 minute Total Body Workout was filmed entirely while in the Boot during her own ‘hurt foot’ recovery. Already, I’ve kept up for about 15 minutes at a time in different sections of the 30 minute routine…not bad for a lady of ‘Sixty Pho’! HA! If nothing else, I should develop wicked upper arm strength (and possible sculpting), even if those glutes are neglected due to circumstances beyond my control.
Now excuse me while I do the last of three sets of TOE exercises my Doc ‘prescribed’ for me to do on a 3x’s daily basis…


  1. Quirky Girl

    What cool flowers! Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Yeah, they’re going into my bag of tricks to send on whenever long-distance cheer is needed.
      Thanks for the good wishes.

  2. Anne Copeland

    Hi Laura, I so enjoyed your wonderful art, and I am an artist too, though have been on a leave so to speak due to my ongoing severe PTSD, but getting better in some ways – a little more challenging at 77. I too had foot surgery years ago – Morton’s Neuroma, and I tell you, nothing feels more like stepping on a bed of nails every time you set your foot down. That one was funny as I had a number of shots to try to help it before doing the surgery. I am glad my doctor and later surgeon was a good humorist. Then I had to have a knee replacement after one of the special needs children I worked with at school fell on me on concrete during physical therapy, and wrecked my knee. Luckily the child was not hurt more than surface scrapes. Today I am doing pretty well with my foot and knee- that was back in 2010. Hope you continue to get better and keep doing your art. Cheers, Anne

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for the cheering on, Anne. To clarify, my (he)art is my music and quilting…the literal artwork of lilies shown is by my Ma who was an artist! And yes, I’m hobbling around doing a bit of each in a makeshift manner…
      Yikes, sounds like you’ve had your fill of surgeries…
      Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Mary

    Good for y! Glad you found an adapted exercise routine!

    • laura bruno lilly

      With a brand name like Zippy I’m confident you understand the drive behind my search for an ‘adapted exercise routine’!

  4. Catherine de Seton

    love the popup book of flowers…and great to hear that you are progressing … baby steps maybe at points along the way….

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for your well-wishes, Catherine.

  5. Andy

    Hope you’re tapping your feet along to your music soon, Laura.

  6. Janis

    Good to know that you are doing well. I’m so happy that you have found a way to exercise through your recovery… that’s so important. Virtual flowers to you (yes, I know… not nearly as pretty as a pop-up book 🙂 ).

    • laura bruno lilly

      Seems like you’re enjoying your ‘newer’ more balanced way of blogging…I’m getting there, too!
      I hope your ‘house-hunting’ is going well…

  7. Roseanne

    Hi Laura! I loved your pun – very fitting. HAHA! I do wonder what type of toe exercises the doctor has you doing three times a day? Intriguing as I don’t often think of toes having an exercise. I have no doubt those exercises you found on YouTube will help. Here’s to no boot and an early Spring to enjoy the no-boot status. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • laura bruno lilly

      They’re more stretching exercises on the big toe…for greater ease in transitioning back into regular walking foot patterns – weird, but interesting.
      Yep, here’s to a no-boot status when the Springtime dawns!

  8. Lisa

    Keep up the good recovery! Think of all the fun shoe shopping you will be able to do soon. I’ll help

    • laura bruno lilly

      Well, shoe size will probably be the same, not sure clothes size will be after all this is over…even with that 30 minute Boot workout!

  9. Bob Cloud

    We are really glad that you are on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you sprinting in the New York Marathon.

    • laura bruno lilly

      You Bob, you are shameless!
      (Hugs to my Pilot friend)

  10. Marty

    Awkward pun and all, mend well! 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Marty – thanks for the good wishes. Glad you tolerated the pun!

  11. L. Marie

    Yay, Laura! So glad you’re making excellent progress. And what a lovely display. Your come from talented stock. Is that a minion I spy?

    • laura bruno lilly

      Oh yes, that is a Minion indeed! Stuart, no less! I think he could hold his own with Kitty and Mint Drop, wouldn’t you agree?
      Thank you for all the cheer you send out to others – His gift on your life.

  12. Mariss Stevens

    Yes, a lovely bouquet. I am sure looking at it will help your foot heal more quickly. (oops, another pun) Sorry to hear you have been laid low

    • laura bruno lilly

      I noticed you and I both possess a ‘punny’ bone!

  13. Ally Bean

    I’m glad you’re on the mend, although I know that waiting to heal can be tedious. Your flower bouquet is delightful especially when juxtaposed with a Minion, known bringers of good things.

    • laura bruno lilly

      Those Minions, gotta love ’em!

  14. Bette Cox

    Lovely! It’s good to hear from you, Laura. I’ve been praying for you, to be 100% healed, healthy, whole, totally recovered from surgery with no hitches or glitches. Praying that you are completely able to do with enthusiastic joy everything the Lord created you to do (even now). 🙂

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thank you, Bette for your focused prayers…especially the even now part!

  15. Jill Weatherholt

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Laura. Our friend L. Marie is so thoughtful and fun…how lucky are we to have her in our lives! I’m happy to hear your recovery is moving along. Take care of that foot!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks Jill!
      And yes, L. Marie is a gem for sure.

  16. Brigid Gallagher

    What a lovely gift. Something to treasure. I am glad you are making a good recovery. Enjoy those exercises…

    • laura bruno lilly

      Funny thing, I’m almost to the end of your book and I have to say it’s your descriptions of your garden(s) that are most relevant to me right now!
      Thank you for stopping by!

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