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My NaNo Rebellion in 5 Bullet Points

NaNoWriMo participant 2014 buttonSo here it is, Day 4 of NaNoWriMo 2014.  I thought I’d send on an update about this year’s writing focus and progress.
I already mentioned that I decided to use November’s NaNo time for a specific project I had in mind to work on and hopefully finish.  If not finish, then at the very least bring it forward and closer to completion.
In NaNoWriMo terminology, anything written in the non-fic genre, editing of previous mss drafts, poetry, scripts, blog entries and a myriad of other categories, is considered being a Rebel.  When one declares such a status, one’s project is called their NaNo Rebellion.

My NaNo Rebellion in 5 Bullet Points:

  • Editing existing, but unpolished Swimming with Swans vignettes, articles for my new ‘serious series’*, and unpublished blog posts.
  • Finishing existing, but incomplete Swimming with Swans vignettes, and generating new content for future articles & blog posts.
  • Entering and editing existing original music compositions integrated with Swimming with Swans vignettes from hand written scores to Notion Score Software, as well as generating new content with direct use of Notion Score Software.
  • Incorporating scheduled movement breaks as part of the creative process.

The general theme of each written piece is what ties all these seemingly unrelated bullet points together.
What I’ve discovered about being a rebel, is that in order to have one’s rebellion count in the NaNo World, a good system for converting non-traditional NaNo Noveling word count is needed.  I did indeed come up with such a conversion tool and so far, it seems to be working well.  My main concern was that it be equitable and fair (case in point: a direct translation of one measure of music to one sentence of prose, just isn’t practical).
My NaNo Rebellion is largely based upon incorporating the original music compositions written during our Between Homes time with the appropriate vignettes.  In searching for an existing non-fiction genre or sub-genre in which to classify my work, I found none that came even close to what I was doing.  So I came up with a new term that seems to describe this WIP.

MusicaNon – Fiction

Yeah, I know I mentioned it before, but come on, you know it’s quite clever.
*tentative title: Giving Voice


  1. L. Marie

    I like the rebellion aspect. Sometimes you have to do your own thing!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Have you done NaNoWriMo? If not, I always recommend doing it the ‘right’ way the first time in order to get full benefit of the support system, etc. My first time was a personal challenge to write fiction and I had a grand adventure!
      Perhaps you and kitty will embark on such an adventure this coming November? 😉

  2. Anna Scott Graham

    Great word count, you’re blazing an amazing trail. 😉
    I like that tentative title too, BTW. Very appropriate!

    • laura bruno lilly

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on both the NaNo front and the Giving Voice front.
      I’d say the trail you’re blazing this November is strewn with ‘thread-count.’ 😕

  3. Bob Cloud

    I was going to comment but truth be known you are so far over my head my neck hurts from lookin’ up. But I intend to keep reading, maybe I’ll learn something about how it’s supposed to be done..

    • laura bruno lilly

      Naw…you’re the one cruising the skies lookin’ down on all of us! 😉
      Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading my meager offerings.
      peace, buddy

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